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Stop Rape Culture.. With a Gun

October 6, 2014

Some so called feminists on Twitter claimed that women’s self defense enables rape culture.  Rather than teaching women to defend themselves, they said we should simply teach men not to rape.  We should tell predators “Don’t hurt others” rather than teaching women to be aware, avoid trouble when they can, and to defend themselves when they must.  Some so-called feminists went further and claimed that refusing to be a victim “enables rape culture” and so promotes sexual assault.  I disagree.  Preparation does not cause violence.

 Locking your front door does not enable burglary culture

I understand the attraction of utopian fantasies.   Claiming you’re against rape by choosing to be vulnerable is a fantasy virtue with strong rewards.  It is a Tinkerbelle ideology of crime prevention.  It is the perfect meme for our age of hash-tag activism.  The so called anti-rape culture clams to stop an attacker if we all think “be nice” real hard.  The so called anti-rape culture claims our nice thoughts will somehow stop assault, rape and murder.  That style of feel-good activism is enough for some people.  The feel-good emotions of the anti-rape fantasy sell on campus and academia.  Reality is not that pretty.


The “play nice” fantasy sounds harmless until you look at all the people the fantasy leaves beaten, sexually assaulted and killed.  The fantasy fails time after time as it enables domestic abuse.  Stopping an abuser takes more than words.  Stopping an abuser takes more than a piece of paper.  If we look at history, we see that the “play nice” fantasy fails in every gun-free zone where it is tried.

We see gun-free zones disarmed victim zones in our major democrat controlled cities and at our liberal-controlled college campuses.  The advocates of disarmament ignore their record of failure and the growing mountain of victims.

They are worse than simply being wrong in their beleifs.  Selling vulnerability as a virtue is evil.  It is as evil as a medical doctor who sells a false cure to a sick patient.

 Wearing safety belts does not enable car crash culture.

These anti-violence quacks see no reason to give up on the failed fantasy as long as the fantasy continues to bring in donations and favorable press reports.  In the face of repeated failure, the fantasy saleswomen will claim we didn’t make ourselves vulnerable enough.  It is our fault their fantasy ideology failed because we didn’t want peace enough.  We didn’t buy enough pink T-shirts with glittery writing of Co-Exist written on them.. and we didn’t donate enough to their liberal disarmament groups.  The failure is our fault.  The let’s-all-be-a-victim fantasy would work if we simply worked it harder.

I don’t believe them.cause-of-rape

I believe in evil.  I believe in evil people, evil governments, and evil religions.  I believe that evil grows when it is unopposed.  Violence IS painful.  History shows us that violent people become less violent when they are met with painful violence in return.


Tie-down straps on your bookcases do not enable earthquakes.

Women have the right to arm themselves.  Women should protect themselves and those they love.  Please.  Women stop their stalkers and rapists when they are armed.  I give thanks to every armed women who sets a good example for other women to follow.

Self-defense training does not enable assault culture.

To the ideologues carrying the Peace protest banners, put down the cardboard signs and pick up your staff.  So armed, go boldly into the night.  Go in peace, but go armed and #BeCarrying.



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  1. October 6, 2014 6:25 am

    Well stated, Rob. I’ve always wondered at what point in our history did a woman, lying raped and murdered in a alley become “morally superior” to the woman, standing in the entry to that same alley, explaining to the police how that rapist got a couple of holes in his chest!


  2. October 7, 2014 9:01 am

    Excellent, excellent editorial. With your permission, may we re-blog this?


  3. fsilber permalink
    October 7, 2014 5:09 pm

    But shooting rapists _is_ how we teach them not to rape.


  4. October 12, 2014 7:35 am

    Rob- I linked to this in one of my weekly gun rants (long story, I’ll explain it later) that appear several places- The Libertarian Enterprise, NewsVine, newsTalkers, Ex-Army Libertarian Blog, and others. I thought you might appreciate seeing what I did with it, and hell, you might even enjoy the rant.

    I hope you like it.



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