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We Lose When Barack Decides

August 17, 2014

Barack Obama kept his work.  He said he wants to transform America and he is armed with a phone and a pen.  President Obama twists the rules to his advantage and the American people are screwed time and again.  Here are examples of what happened when President Obama gets to choose which laws to ignore, and which laws to enforce.


-This week, two Illegal aliens shot two people in Texas.  A border patrol agent and his father were on a fishing trip in the US.  They were shot during a robbery.  The illegals had been deported several times before because they were known criminals.  Meanwhile, Barack doesn’t want to enforce immigration laws or secure the border.

-The US government has enough money to house illegal immigrants on military bases.  They have enough spare change money to fly illegal immigrants from the southern border to Alaska.  ( I guess they need a few undocumented voters in Alaska.)  Yet we don’t have enough money to treat military veterans in the VA health care system.  Barack wants illegal voters and veterans are not his voting block.

-Remember when we were told that illegals from anywhere in the world wouldn’t be able to receive free healthcare at taxpayer expense?  That was before Obamacare.. before Barack used his phone and his pen.

-The US Environmental Protection Agency can fine you into bankruptcy for obeying the county water board and clearing a drainage ditch.  Meanwhile we close down mines across the United States.  The green lobby and their billionaire donors make some critical campaign donations.  Campaign money talks when you stay home on election day.

-The mountain of new banking regulations choked off small regional banks in favor of the big banks.  Big banks make big political donations.  Small banks get audited if they make loans to companies out of favor with the Democrat administration.  Sorry, but your company is now on a list.

-The US Conference of Mayors issued a damning report on the US economy.  Wages fell by 23 percent since 2008 when Barack took office.  In fact, we’re lucky to find a job at any pay rate.  Our labor participation rate of 62.9% is as low it was under President Jimmy Carter, and the rate continues to fall.  Obama said he wants to even our income.  He has taken away our jobs instead.

BLS Carter

I’ve hardly scratched the surface of our imperial president hurting the average Jane and Joe.  The Obama Administration has given us dozens of lost e-mails.. and lost hope.  The administration that promised to be the most transparent in history.. is instead the most transparently corrupt administration in memory.  I hope the American people will wake up rather than go have another toke.

I hope the news media will wake up and find their outrage now rather than wait for a Republican president to use his phone and pen for political advantage.

Don’t complain if you’re not registered to vote.


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