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Lies. Lies for Sale. Obama Lies for Sale.

June 28, 2014

I already knew the Obama administration was corrupt.  Now I’m tired of them calling me stupid as they lie to me.  I am not Obama’s intended audience anyway, so my disbelief doesn’t count.  The administration has to sell their lies to the die hard Democrats and the eager Media.  Even that is becoming a harder sell.

Their lies are unbelievable: literally incredible.  Where other government agencies were shy about breaking the law, the corrupt Obama administration arrogantly breaks the law with a sneer.  They say they have a Senate majority and can not be touched by any law.  The administration is, and acts, above the law.  So does the rest of government.

The latest lie is the “dog ate my e-mails” scandal at the IRS.  They have lost, or will loose, any of the other documents requested by the House committee, the same committee investigating the IRS attack on conservative political organizations.  The administration’s answer is ‘Prove we have the documents,’ while they lie, deny and delay.

IRS supervisor Louis Lerner’s weren’t the only e-mails lost.  It seems that every time Congress asked for a person’s e-mails, their computer crashes and the hard drive is crushed.. some eight times.  Meanwhile the IRS cancelled the contract with their electronic data backup provider once their political masters decided to ditch the incriminating data.

That, Sherlock, is called a clue, not an accident.

And the man heading the IRS has given about $100 thousand dollars to Democrat politicians.  He looked shocked in congressional testimony, but I’m not shocked any more.  I’m simply disgusted with his “bought and paid for” lies.

Hard drive failure

I recently wrote about flooding our election with illegal voters.  Now that forecast has come true.  Our open boarders are designed to flood the already crushed labor market and force more members into union jobs.  They will also flood the next election with paid-for votes.  (Ask yourself if there would be a push for amnesty if the illegals and their children were forever forbidden to vote.  ..  See what I mean?)  This isn’t an accident.  The DHS put out bids to handle thousands of unaccompanied minors 5 months ago.   Do you still think it is a coincidence that our borders are overrun and the Border Patrol ordered to stand down?  This is exactly the Change that Democrats voted into office.

monopoly you killed it

Those who hold the reins of power can crush others at will.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau gave itself unilateral authority to shut down any business overnight.  A Community Organizer Chicago-style politician can use that regulation against any business or individual who opposes it.  A brazen Chicago-style politician can threaten them with ruin unless they make the approved political donations.

“Nice business, you got there. Be a shame if anything was to happen to it.”

The government is now focused on satisfying its special interest donor base rather than serving the public.  Even foreign policy is perverted for special interests.  See here, where NASA was caught lying about the earth’s temperature records to justify the EPA power grab of regulating everything humans do in the name of made-up global warming.  The political science is settled, and real science is irrelevant, unless it supports the overbearing green lobby.1998changesannotated

Obama turned me into a libertarian who distrusts every government agency.  Forty years ago I was taught that government could do some activities better than the individual.  The question isn’t whether government can do any good.  The question is whether any government agency is immune from being twisted to serve its political masters; the public be damned.

I’m not laughing at their lies any more.


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    Lies. Lies for Sale. Obama Lies for Sale.


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