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They Want Control: Guns are the Latest Excuse

June 14, 2014

Did you read the headline about the good guy with a gun who stopped the bad guy with a gun?  The story was in the small town papers, but these stories seldom make the national news.  These stories simply aren’t the sort of news the big media needs.  First, nothing beats tears and angst  to help the big media deliver an audience to their advertisers.  Second, the good guy story doesn’t fit the narrative of helpless people who need the state to take care of them.  It doesn’t fit the story of more gun-control.  The big media ignores the dozens of armed self-defense stories each month.

Letterman and Cooper

The latest example of this pandering was David Letterman railing against civilian gun ownership.   He said we need gun-control to stop mass murder.  Letterman and Anderson Cooper conveniently ignored that most of our violent crimes, including assault and murder with a firearm, are committed by a few thousand career criminals.  They rejected the solutions that work.  They ignore self-defense and incarceration of repeat offenders.

There are more examples of the gun-control bias.  The spokeswoman of Moms Demand Action said that civilians don’t stop mass shooters.  To quote her directly at 7:23 in this video, she said,

“This (armed defense) has never happened. Data shows it doesn’t happen.”

She lies, badly and often.  Civilians are much more effective at stopping mass shootings than are the police for a very obvious reason.  Civilians have the huge advantage of time since civilians are usually the first ones on the scene.  Fatalities drop by 85 percent when a civilian intervenes rather than waiting many minutes for the police to arrive.

Here are the statistics if you want proof.  If you want to read the stories example by example, then look here for the last ten times that civilians stopped mass murder.  Look here for the cases in the United States going back to 1949 if you remain unconvinced that civilians stop violent attacks!

The gun-grabbers say they simply want to stop the crazy people from getting guns.  They want to arrest the mentally ill for the violent acts the mentally ill have not committed yet.  If you take the gun-grabbers seriously, then you could remind them that mental illness is a sad and unpredictable part of the human condition.  If you think the gun-grabbers are simply playing the politics of gun-control, then you could remind them that the anti-gun US Senate deliberately tabled legislation to fund mental health programs after the Sandy Hook murders.  Instead, the gun-grabbers doubled down on gun-control laws after this latest murder.  They ignored their failed gun-control policy and the history of increase of violence where we serve up disarmed victims to the criminals and the crazies.

We know what works.  The victims need a good guy with a gun to defend them.  The editor of the law enforcement magazine Police One agrees.  He wrote an article “Mass Killers: Gun Control is Not the Answer- The fault is in the killers not in their chosen weapons.”   Here is one excerpt about the latest mass murderer in California.

“.. for lack of a better word, this guy (the murderer) was “evil.” What made him that way is a question for psychologists and neurologists.  But evil is a hard thing to treat and an even harder thing to contain.. On the day he was born you could have taken away every gun from every law-abiding American and outlawed the manufacture and sale of guns and this killer would have still found a way to leave his mark.  I think this young man was just consumed by hate and had a compulsion to kill.”

He is right.  I know it and so do you.

Tell the anti-gunners they are wrong.


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