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Repost- A Short Conversation With A Gun Prohibitionist…About Santa Barbara

May 30, 2014

My friend David Cole wrote this article about gun prohibitionists and their insatiable quest for a gun free utopia.

Our friend the gun prohibitionist wants to “have a conversation” about the recent spree killing near the University of California-Santa Barbara. Well, OK…

Gun Prohibitionist: These killings prove the need for more gun control!
Dave: Such as?

GP: We should pass universal background checks for all gun transfers!
Dave: California has “universal background checks.” The killer submitted to, and passed background checks.

GP: We should outlaw high capacity magazines!
Dave: California limits magazine capacity to 10 rounds, which is what the killer used.

GP: Well, all guns should be registered!
Dave: California requires handguns be registered, and the killer had registered his.

Read the rest of Dave’s article here.


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