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An Un- teachable Moment of Murder in Santa Barbara

May 26, 2014


This is an un-teachable moment. Seven people died after a young man stabbed three people with a knife, hit people with his car, and shot three people next to the University of California Santa Barbara campus Friday evening.  We could learn from this tragic murder, but we won’t.  This should show us what makes us safe and what doesn’t.  It could show us, but we cling to simple ideas that don’t work.

I read the murderers statements.  The murderer was a pampered son of a wealthy man.  The murderer blames everyone else for his failures, everyone except himself.  The murderer drove an expensive car and lived a luxurious life he didn’t earn.  He wrote about hating his parents and wanting to stab his step mother and half brother.  Now, the murderer’s father said he hates guns and wants better mental health treatment.. for his son.  The father fails to mention that his son has been in therapy since he was eight years old.  A father of one of the victims blamed the NRA and politicians who allowed guns into the world.  The mourning father didn’t mention that his son was killed in a gun-free zone.

Do you notice a pattern here?  The father blames mental illness.  The victims father blames guns and the NRA.  The son blamed others for his problems.  Each of them bemoans that the world isn’t perfect and safe.

We are part of that same pattern.  We refuse to learn from past mistakes and we blame others instead of providing real solutions.  Let’s stop placing blame for the next minute that it takes to read this article.

Let me describe the next public murder for you.

  • The murderer has a narcissistic personality and demands attention.  He will kill to get his name in the news.  We could stop that.
  • The murderer attacks people in a gun free zone because narcissists don’t like competition.    We could stop that.
  • The murderer has mental health issues and is probably on psychotropic drugs prescribed by a doctor.
  • The murderer is enthralled by violent video games and spends a lot of his time playing them.
  • There are warning signs, and they were ignored.  We could stop that.

Let me also describe the media reaction after the next public murder.  Liberal media will blame the NRA and lax gun laws.  The media will ignore the fact that this murder took place in a gun-control paradise.  Look back at this recent murder in Santa Barbara as an example.

The crime took place in an anti-gun state, in an anti-gun county, in an anti-gun school zone.  If gun control worked, then his crime should have been triply impossible.  Gun control fails again and again, but we won’t learn from our mistakes.  We’d rather pretend that words on paper will make us safe.  Liberal politicians will double down on more gun-control and claim it is for the children.  The media will support them.

Here comes the new tragedy..

same as the old tragedy..

until we learn.



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  1. May 26, 2014 11:31 am

    Well said, Rob. And here’s another prediction–The anti-gun crowd will respond to your common-sense commentary by accusing you of advocating for more guns in the hands of IRRESPONSIBLE people and desiring to see “shootouts” on campuses.



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