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Finding a Better Deal than the Government

May 4, 2014

In late April, I wrote about the Toyota Sale Office leaving California for Texas.  I said, In theory, the high taxes in California lead to great government services at moderate prices… As you’ve already guessed, this theory doesn’t work in practice.”  You and I have years of personal experience with government waste.  New data documents government inefficiency.

In early May, Nick Sorrentino published an article where he collected data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Sorrentino charted what prices went up in the last ten years, and what prices went down.  With the exception of car repair, publicly funded prices went up a lot, and private enterprise drove down prices at an even faster rate.

Look for yourself.  The government can’t compete with the free market.  From appearances, the government doesn’t even try.  Competing, failing, and going out of business provides the incentive to deliver value in the market.  The government has none of those motivations.  Any excuse will do as the government reaches deeper into our lives and our wallets.


Please give Nick’s article a read at Against Crony

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