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The Power of Gun-Envy in California

April 12, 2014

Let’s get real about armed self-defense.  30 million of us live in California counties that won’t issue concealed carry licenses.  The good news is that responsible gun owners can change all that.  If they can change the perceptions of firearms in California, then responsible gun owners can change your state as well.  Remember that 10 million Californians live in shall-issue counties!  Combined together, the shall-issue counties of California have the same population as the state of Georgia or the state of Ohio.  There are as many Californians in shall issue counties as in the states of Alabama and South Carolina combined.  My neighbors living in those shall-issue counties can have a concealed carry license for the asking.

 There will be over two hundred thousand concealed carry holders in California in the next few years.. and they will be everywhere.



Nothing speaks louder than a living example.  My responsible neighbors will show us that discreet carry is not the fearful monster the politicians described.  Our armed neighbors from shall issue counties can walk down Market Street in San Francisco, where San Francisco natives must be disarmed.  They can walk down College Avenue, where Berkeley, California residents must be disarmed.  There isn’t a wall surrounding Los Angeles so my legally armed neighbors from San Bernardino can shop and stroll down Rodeo Drive while they carry discretely.  Couples from Bakersfield can carry legally concealed firearms as they stop to eat on Washington Boulevard in the people’s republic of Santa Monica.  Our neighbors will show that licensed carry is a boringly civilized.  Almost no one will know they are carrying.

You’ll know and I’ll know.  We are not a violent society, but once in a great while some criminals will find out.  I bet the gun-hating politicians won’t like that.  The anti-gun politicians could try to ban guns on their city streets.  The west coast politicians could say “no legal guns allowed” just as federal regulators have prohibited licensed carry on trains and at the post office.

The liberal politicians probably won’t do that.  These politicians need to serve their big political donors, and their big donors don’t want their security personnel disarmed.  Sure the liberal politician could disarm the little people on the train.  But those same politicians had better not disarm the limousines!  The left coast politicians will follow their campaign money and leave the rich donors with their guns.

The law is on our side.  Yes, conservative judges recognized the right of poor people to protect themselves.  The Peruta decision from the ninth circuit court recognized the right of ordinary citizens to carry arms outside the home for self-defense.  Unfortunately, liberal politicians don’t care what the court says.  They will appeal the Peruta decision to stop it.  They will appeal the case to the Supreme Court no matter what it costs or the ruling of the lower courts.  The politicians will appeal the case because politicians listen when anti-gun campaign money talks.

The same people who pay to take our guns away..

..are planning to keep theirs.

Rich celebrities rent their security while citizens in rural California have to provide their own.  Thank God the sheriffs from rural counties recognize that fact.  Once you get outside Los Angeles and San Francisco, the citizens of California are pretty reasonable.  They know self-defense isn’t comfortable or easy.  They also know it is reliable.  Only the urban politician will pretend otherwise.

Public safety budgets are hard hit in debt ridden California.  The middle class voter in Los Angeles will soon spend thousands of dollars on bars for their windows, and for home and car security systems.  These same middle class voters will get tired of being defenseless when they take that first step outside their home.  Their out-of-town visitors will be the exception, and maybe the out of town guest will volunteer to carry the trash bin to the curb late at night.  The out-of-town guest with a carry license is one of the few safe people in Los Angeles.

That is obvious to us now.  Give them time and the Angelinos will figure this out for themselves.  It will be a sea change when the Los Angeles residents ask their out-of-town guests why the guests don’t have their carry permits!  Replay that same story in San Francisco and Oakland.

 There is also a regulatory side to the culture change of self-defense.  Crazy California has allowed cities and counties to preempt state law and enact their own firearms regulations.  You can count on liberal-dominated cities to further restrict their citizen’s rights of self-defense.  There are two sides to that political coin.  Responsible counties could use those same state regulations to promote self-defense.   Sheriffs could help train armed civilians.  School staff could be encouraged to provide armed protection in private schools.  Those shall-issue counties might even recognize concealed carry licenses from out-of-state gun owners!

As the gun culture expands, the urban middle class will eventually figure out what the rest of us have known for a while.  They will see they have the right and the duty to protect their family.  The smart middle class of Silicon Valley will finally ask why they must be disarmed while their neighbors working the farm fields of California’s central valley can arm themselves for protection.  The final step is for the urban resident to pay some attention to politics and change how they vote for sheriff.

The gun-grabbing candidate for sheriff will promise public safety.. someday, while warning that blood will flow in the streets if citizens are allowed to defend themselves.  The experience of the average voter will tell them otherwise.  An honest candidate for sheriff will say honest citizens need to protect themselves until the police arrive.  Sensitized voters will hear the important difference.

Those cultural changes won’t happen overnight.  You’re right that politics also takes money, but there are over 8 million gun owners in California.  They too will have to pay attention to politics.  It isn’t hard or expensive.  California gun owners have only to donate to political campaigns rather than buy their next box of ammo.  The sheriffs, even urban sheriffs, will follow the will of the voters who elect them.  All this happens once California voters accept their responsibility for self-defense.

Is your state any different?

Images provided by Oleg Volk.  This is part three of a three part series on self-defense.  Here is part one and here is part two.

I gave you about a thousand words.  Please give me a few of yours, rate, share and comment.

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  1. HAPPY DAYS permalink
    November 29, 2015 9:23 am

    “…The good news is that responsible gun owners can change all that. If they can change the perceptions of firearms in California, then responsible {sic} gun owners can change your state as well.” … “Unfortunately, liberal politicians don’t care what the court says.”

    AND THEREIN LIES THE PROBLEM, MY FRIEND! Good Article. Social worth -but PLZ! I lived in SAN FRAN myself for years & years… I know the people. **DO NOT BE DECEIVED!!*** Californians -as a whole- even ones who firmly ‘beleive’ they’re conservate – are so far removed from American reality and TRUE [REAL] VALUES that they look at you as a child does when reading a bed time story. They’re… bewildered! They have NO IDEA what language u speak, when u speak 2nd Amendment, or {uh!} “Constitutional Gov’t”. NONE! Might as well be speaking “lilliputian” r something!!

    AND FOR THOSE WHO *DONT* LIVE IN CA., and never have, and r having a hard time relating: Trust me – yes – its amazing! PUT BLUNTLY: CA’ians r THE most petty, govt-beat-down, small-minded, neurotic, child-like adults – in AMERICA! (Second only to perhaps BOSTON r something). NO – the REALITY IS: CA. is Fantasy Land – no matter WHO u r. And will ALWAYS REMAIN SAME!! Something in the water? ..the air? …who knows. WHO CARES!! FACT IS: For the *few* who ARE able to maintain some sense of reality in Ca. – U R A PETUNIA IN AN ONION PATCH, MY FRIEND!! And the Onions… DONT LIKE U!!

    So how do u fight it? You could be such as good, responsible Gun Owner that the POPE ordained you, and JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF BLESSED YOU… mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO CALIFORNIANS!! NOTHING!! … ZERO!!! To quote the Editor : “Unfortunately, liberal politicians (the insane) don’t care what the courts say.” THEY RUN THE PLACE. Period.

    End of Story.

    Hence, the FIX: MOVE! MOVE TO GA. MOVE TO TEXAS… NEW ORLEANS… SOMEWHERE EAST OF CALIF.!!! Just… GET THE HELL OUT OF 1st Grade HELL!! Hell is where there IS no reason or Logic, and NO HOPE. and THAT “IS” … … CALIFORNIA!!

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