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Why the BLM Brought Snipers to the Bundy Ranch

April 11, 2014

The Bundy family has been on this land for over a hundred years.  The feds want it, and the feds don’t want to wait for the courts to decide who has the rights to it.  Why are the feds in a hurry?  Rumors suggest it is an insider deal for drilling rights.  Even then, I don’t understand why the feds went to guns rather than have some private firms negotiate for drilling rights.  Are the corrupt politicians that greedy?  Why are the feds threatening civilians at all!?  Why are any weapons, tazers or night sticks needed at the Bundy ranch?I’ve heard rumors of government snipers on scene, but I can’t confirm that.  Drop me a message if you can.

Why is deadly force justified and why is the display of deadly force not a crime?  You or I would be immediately arrested, jailed and prosecuted for these actions.

armed BLM

Because they can.  The government does not fear the citizens.  50 law enforcement officers were shot and killed last year.  That is a tragedy.  I’m hunting for documentation on how many times police killed innocent citizens.  Those are crimes!  Note that just because it is later called “justified” does not mean the police didn’t shoot the wrong person or had no reason to shoot anyone.

I remember that the feds murdered more children at Waco (and got away with it) than were murdered at the Sandy Hook school.  I don’t excuse their “justified” murders.  Honoring the ideals of this country and saluting the flag demands that I condemn government abuse rather than excuse it.

I’m taught that I am responsible for every action I take.  Citizens would be far safer if EVERY government shooting was fully prosecuted!  More innocent civilians would be alive if EVERY government shooting was fully prosecuted!  No freebies in the line of duty.

I know officers who live up to that obligation.  They place higher standards on themselves than are required by our laws.  Bless them.

So who will threaten civilians for the government if the officers are then identified and prosecuted?  That, sir, is a damn good question.  Maybe no one, and that is the point.  Don’t threaten civilians with firearms if you can’t get someone to assume the responsibility of their actions.

I become more libertarian the more I learn about the reality of government.



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  1. Jo Ann permalink
    April 11, 2014 8:05 pm

    I’m still waiting for an explanation/history of this conflict. Can’t figure out yet who did what to whom. Any links to background info?


  2. Neon permalink
    April 12, 2014 2:12 pm

    “I become more libertarian the more I learn about the reality of government”

    Boy, isn’t that the truth.


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