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The Men in Blue Can’t Police Their Own

February 27, 2014

Thank god for cell phones.  Because of cell phones we are seeing pictures and audio of police abusing their authority and abusing honest citizens.  It would only be our word against theirs without the cell phone documenting the event.  Judges are strongly biased in favor of law enforcement officers, so the officer wins any we-said/ they-said testimony.  Some judges go so far as to ignore incriminating evidence against the police.   We have to stop this betrayal of justice because it won’t stop itself.  The problem is everywhere.

Police rob local residents and physically abuse the mentally ill and bystanders in California.

Police lie and make up evidence in New Mexico.

Police shoot innocent citizens in North Carolina and in South Carolina.

Prosecutors hide the crimes committed by Washington, DC police.

Deliberately overcharging an innocent citizen with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest are the common garbage charges dumped onto the citizen to hide police misconduct.  I now see these charges as red flags indicating police misconduct.  Good cops don’t need them.

Two of the best men I know are in law enforcement.  They hold themselves to extremely high standards of behavior and honesty.  They need to.  Police officers work with abusive liars and cheats every day.  From what I can tell, honest cops resist temptation by working with partners they trust, partners who hold them accountable for their behavior.

Thank god for cellphones and a few honest cops.  These honest cops need our help.  Like them, we have to be a partner and hold the rest of the police accountable.police-brutality


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  1. Dave permalink
    February 27, 2014 9:26 am

    It is a tough, tough problem, Rob. The pressure to remain loyal to the “brotherhood” is incredibly strong. And if the dirt starts at the top, even the slightest pushback can cost a young cop his job…believe me. You are right, though…help from the citizenry is the best way to help stop the few abusers.


  2. February 27, 2014 10:13 am

    It’s not all THAT uncommon for good police officers to weed out the bad eggs that inevitably crop up in ANY such organization. I spent 7 years as a police detective in a small-city police department back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. During that time, I arrested a fellow officer for burglary–and convicted him, in fact, and got another fired for striking a prisoner who was handcuffed after a DUI arrest. The second instance was brought to my attention by the other two officers who were on the scene…and THAT officer’s brother was the County Judge! He was sued and is STILL paying off the settlement. This in a PD with less than 50 officers, too. Good officers FAR outnumber the bad eggs and not every police officer is prone to covering up for fellow officers’ wrong-doing…except in those PD’s with unions, perhaps…which is a stupid idea in the first place.


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