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How Many will seek Carry Licenses in California?

February 27, 2014

I was talking with my friend about getting a concealed carry license in San Diego.  The word from the sheriff has changed from day to day.  At first the sheriff was going to wait for the District Court to issue its decision.  Then he was going to take applications and set appointment dates.  Now he is accepting applications by mail.  How big of a problem are sheriffs facing?

Let’s look at California’s neighboring states.  Nevada and Oregon have an average concealed carry rate of 3.7 percent of their population.  Let’s say the rate in southern California is only half the average of those neighboring states.  You could argue that the rate would be higher, and you could argue it would be lower. Call it 1 out of each 50 citizens.  That means San Diego and Orange counties are each looking at about 60 thousand applications this year.  That works out to 300 applications a day if they want to process the backlog in a year.  That is about one application every minute and a half.  The courts might object if it takes the county a year to regulate an enumerated civil right.

Each applicant has to take an 8 hour class,  go through the interview process, and demonstrate their proficiency at shooting their handgun.  They get to repeat the qualification process if they change the model of handgun they want to carry.  Some states do most of that online.  California isn’t that smart.

These California Sheriffs created this situation.  I hope they are asking their County Board of Supervisors for help.  California may face an additional 725 thousand applications this year.

Hurry, Sheriff.  The next applicant is coming in a few seconds.


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