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Invisible Lawyer Gives Bad Advice

February 15, 2014

Politics comes down to people.  Some of them are real people, and some of them are invisible.  This is true even in the case of sophisticated legal appeals to the 9th district court.  Bill Gore is the Sheriff of San Diego County.  He said he wanted to issue licenses so citizens could carry a concealed weapon in public.  He really wanted to.  That is what he told me.  He said, sadly, that California law prevented him from granting those licenses.  That is what his un-named lawyer told him.  I’ve had legal experts tell me otherwise, but it is hard to argue with an invisible lawyer.  Invisible lawyers are like invisible rabbits that only Bill Gore can see.  Now everything changed.

HarveyThe story started long ago when Edward Paruta sued Sheriff Gore for the right to apply for a concealed carry license in San Diego County.  The trial court said citizens didn’t need concealed carry because the Sheriff knew best.  The Appeals Court said citizens didn’t need concealed carry because citizens were legally allowed to openly carry a firearm.  Then the California legislature outlawed open carry.  Enter the United States Courts for the Ninth Circuit.  They said Sheriff Gore’s invisible legal adviser was wrong.  Not only was he wrong, but he was unconstitutional.  Defense of self and others outside the home was a sufficient cause to issue a carry license.

This should be great news for Sheriff Gore.  Now he can issue carry licenses, which he said he wanted to do all along.

I’m sure there are many phone calls going back and forth between San Francisco and Los Angeles law enforcement officials and politicians after this court ruling.  I’m sure Sheriff Gore is getting lots of advice.  So is Irma Gonzalez, the District Court Judge who will reverse her earlier decision in Peruta V Gore.

We will see if the judge and sheriff will listen to the real people who vote.. or will they listen to the invisible people again.
I’ve read conflicting reports on an appeal. I will wait until I receive confirmed news before I comment.

You, on the other hand, are welcome to comment.

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  1. pappad permalink
    February 15, 2014 9:07 am

    Probably won’t happen. As usual, in California, the anti-gun people will just go judge-shopping and find one that agrees with THEM. They really don’t CARE what the people want or think.


  2. Carl A. Pecoraro permalink
    February 17, 2014 5:13 pm

    The full 9th Circuit will most likely review this 3 judge ruling on appeal, and the initial ruling may be overturned. SCOTUS review is almost certain. If it is not overturned, California will decide to implement the ruling as narrowly as possible, so as to continue to frustrate the ability of citizens to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights. The ruling elite never gives up power willingly.



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