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Morals of the Plantation

February 10, 2014

Millions of my countrymen want to work.  They want to earn a living.  They also want to spend what they earn, or the little the government allows them to keep of what they’ve earned.  My countrymen can not earn a living because the government came between these men and women and the employers who want to hire them.  The government stands there with a gun and says they can not work because the job does not meet the government demands of the “Affordable Care Act” also known as Obamacare.   The government is acting the slave owner dictating who works and who doesn’t.

The US government denies these men and women the right to work.  It denies them the right to feed their families and to grow their futures.  These honest men and women are threatened with violence initiated by the state if they try to earn a living.. without state permission.

The US government would rather have these men and women on the welfare rolls than as men and women who pay their own way.  Our government now claims that an armed government thug who stops an honest man from working is somehow noble.  Our media says the thug is liberating the slave from work.

“liberated from work”  Listen to how language is twisted and its meaning is distorted.  George Orwell would be proud.  Next the government will tell us who can be hired and who can be fired.

Something is seriously wrong in Washington.  These men are tyrants.  Shame on them.

There is something wrong in hometown America.  We elected them to office.  Shame on us.

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