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Ah, the Sins of the Collectivists

January 11, 2014

Without sin

Even the communist like capitalism.  Someone needs to create wealth for them to take.  The appeal is the same, be it big-state “democracy” or socialism or communism.  Each says “we will take stuff from others and give it to you.”  Of course there are distinctions between big state democracy and the communist dictatorships.   Each claims that the wealthy owe the poor as a matter of right rather than a matter of charity.  Unfortunately, the distinctions are much too small.

A democrat claims the right to comfort-  We’ll take their money so you’re better off.  Vote for me.
A socialist claims a right to equality-  They have more and we’ll take enough to make all of us equal.. plus a cut for me.  Vote as your union tells you.
A communist claims the right to life-  You should help us take their stuff.. and we’ll share it with you.. or at least some of it.   Now get back to work in the state factory and be glad we give you a job.  Feel lucky we ask you to vote for the party.

They are united by envy.

Robert the obvious

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    Ah, the Sins of the Collectivists


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