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Concealed Carry Permits Up Six Percent in California

January 3, 2014

calguns300Good for California.  The Calguns Foundation reports the number of handgun carry licenses in California went up in 2013.  The number of civilians with a license increased about 30,000 which is an increase of 6 percent.  Calguns collected the data from each of the 58 counties and the state department of justice.

The number of licenses increased despite increased regulation of guns and gun owners.  The number also increased despite a fall in population.  Yes, the once golden state has dimmed and the number of legal residents fell from 2012 to 2013.

California is not gun-friendly, but some California counties are shall issue.  In other counties, the criteria for accepting applications changes year to year at the whim of the sheriff.  I’m glad to see California citizens take up the right of self-defense where they can.

How did we get here?  The Calguns Foundation sunshine initiative asked the California sheriffs their reasons for granting concealed carry licenses.   They wanted the criteria in writing, and sometimes took the sheriff to court to get that information.  Next, Calguns began a compliance review and compared the applications citizens submitted to the sheriff’s written criteria.  They held the sheriffs to their word.  Thank you, Calguns.

Here is a link to the Calguns Foundation.
to the sunshine and compliance initiative
to the 2013 report of California carry licenses by county,
and to the Calguns donations page.  Give them some love.



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