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The Virtue of Free Association

December 19, 2013

duck dynasty

The A&E channel fired a performer on one of its television shows, Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty.   This is not a First Amendment issue.  The First Amendment limits the action of our government; the First Amendment does not apply to private individuals or companies.  Not to A&E.  Not to you or me.  A&E has the authority and the moral right to hire and fire.  They have the right to fire Robertson for any reason, but you and I decide what happens next.  That is the beauty and the power of free association.  We have the right to hire and fire too.

Let me tell you a bit about A&E.  Formerly known as the Arts and Entertainment channel, the A&E network is owned by Hearst Corporation and Disney–ABC.  Hearst and Disney-ABC have several cable television channels, including the Biography channel, Crime & Investigation Network, History, H2, History en Español, Lifetime, Lifetime Movie Network, Lifetime Real Women, Military History, Disney Channel Worldwide, Disney Channel, and ABC.

Nuf said. Now get on it (or off it).  Free association means we can not be made to buy a product we don’t want.  You get to decide what happens next.


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