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“Knockout Game” Victim Faces Three Strikes

November 28, 2013


I cringe each time I see pictures of “The Knockout Game”.  There may be exceptions, but the way I see it, the victims were attacked at least three times.  The attacks I’ve read about happened in gun-free zones where victims were denied the choice of being armed.  The local politicians disarmed us at the point of a gun.  That is the first assault; the assault on the victim’s right of self-defense.  The second attack is by the news media.  The media doesn’t recognize self-defense as an issue of human rights.  The media doesn’t interview self-defense advocates after an innocent victim is attacked.  The media only calls us after a multiple victim murder where we are blamed for the actions of a crazy person.  In the mean time, gun grabbing politicians and their media have called us names for years because we believe in the right of armed self-defense.  We’ve been silenced without our side ever being heard.

The media says,
‘You gun owners.. you stupid ignorant racist murderers.. what disgusting NRA propaganda will you mouth after this latest tragedy?’Morgan

It hardly matters how we answer the question.  The facts don’t matter because the audience already sees us as evil and untrustworthy.  That isn’t surprising because we are belittled every day.  Honest gun owners have been labeled and dismissed long before the next tragedy occurs. 

We can turn that situation around.  It is important that we try because we have to be believable before anyone will believe what we say.  Human-rights advocates like us can speak up right now.  Yes, I called you a human-rights advocate because that is exactly what you are; you want to stop violence by returning the right of self-defense to innocent victims.  Sadly, we see a few thousand victims of violence every day.  There is a sliver of good news in that sad situation.  Each victim is an opportunity to speak out.  Each victim is an opportunity to expose the bigoted bias of government officials and the media.

<> After the “Knock out Game” clams another victim in a “gun free zone”, you can talk about your mayor who disarms the innocent victim. We don’t need to wait until there is a victim in our town.  You can write that press release today.  In fact, we could say our mayor is promoting the “knock-out game” and send the press release now.
“Here is another victim of the Mayor’s anti-gun policy.  Our mayor and police chief disarmed the victim before this thug threw the first punch.  Mr. Mayor, that victim has the right of self-defense.  You took it away, now give it back.”

<> We can talk about the local police chief when a disarmed cabbie or convenience store is robbed in our local “gun-free zone”.
“Here is another victim of the Police Chief’s anti-gun policy.  The Chief left the clerk disarmed so the robber wouldn’t get hurt.  Chief, that store clerk has the right of self-defense.  You took it away, now give it back!

“The Chief said we’d all be safer if we were disarmed and helpless.  Chief, tell that to the clerk.  Tell that to the clerk who will be robbed tomorrow and the clerk who will be robbed the day after that.  The Chief is wrong.  Everyone deserves the right of self-defense without fearing criminal prosecution.”

<> We can speak up when a co-ed student is attacked on a nearby campus.
“We have hundreds of campuses across our country where licensed citizens carry for self-defense on campus.  But on this campus the College President said students would be safer if they were unarmed. The President was wrong.  The student who was attacked has the right of self-defense.  The College President took it away.  Mr. President, give it back.”

<> Some media gives us a fair hearing, and some of the news media bashes gun owners.  I used a national example, but you have media outlets near you.  We can respond to the bashing we get from the media.
The commentators on CNN claim we are safer now that we’re helpless.  Their policy claimed another victim with this latest assault.  Their solution is to demand we disarm more innocent and honest people.  The average police response time is minutes.  The police are useless when you have seconds to defend yourself.  What is CNN’s excuse now?”

The victims have names.  So do the gun-grabbing politicians and biased newscasters.  We can write and call today.  We can prepare our reply today because there will be a new victim tomorrow.  We have too many opportunities to defend the right of self-defense, not too few.

Your voice matters.  Please speak up.



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