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The Year of the Democrat Donor

November 15, 2013

I think I can say, and say with pride, that we have some legislatures that bring higher prices than any in the world.
Samuel Langhorne Clemens- speech on July 4th, 1873

Money shouts in politics, and large democrat donors were heard loud and clear in several blue states.  Elections in New Jersey, Virginia and Illinois are the latest examples.

Dark blue New Jersey is one of the most democrat of states.  Despite being outspent by between eight to one to twelve to one, Republican challenger Steve Lonegan almost beat Democrat Cory Booker for the New Jersey senate race.  “Republican” Governor Chris Christie ignored Lonegan and scheduled the Senate race on a bizarre mid-week date in October.  That gave an advantage to the candidate who could turn out the vote.  Booker ran on his party label and his money while trying to minimize his poor record as absentee mayor of Newark.  Most of the campaign money for Booker came from wealthy donors from the coasts.  Now California has three senators and retired New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg gets his own vote in the Senate.

Virginia used to be purple, but now it’s blue.  Democrat financier and Clinton aide Terry McAuliffe narrowly won the recent governors race even though the republicans enjoyed a slight advantage in voter registration.  Terry McAuliffe outspent his republican rival Ken Cuccinelli by a wide margin, particularly in the last few days of the campaign.  The republican establishment and outgoing governor gave the Republican candidate the cold shoulder while Mayor Mike Bloomberg again made hefty donations to the Democrat candidate.  Outside money even funded a faux libertarian candidate to draw support away from Cuccinelli.  Despite McAuliffe’s funding advantage, the government shutdown may have been the deciding factor in this race.

The federal government shutdown occurred only a few days before the election.  This is critical since most of the Virginia population now crowds around Washington DC.  Money talks, and a government paycheck shouts.  Northern Virginia is now a company town.  Northern Virginia is now more closely aligned with the voters of the Maryland beltway than the voters of rural Virginia.  To highlight the change in culture, Fairfax county Virginia went so far as to elect an anti-gun sheriff.

Illinois politics lives off kickbacks from the public sector unions.  While Barack Obama brought Chicago style kickbacks to DC, McAuliffe will soon harvest the kickbacks from federal contractors in northern Virginia.  That makes Virginia the least likely state to support any small-government candidate like Cuccinelli.

McAuliffe has not held elected office before running for Virginia governor, but he ran on his party affiliation and won Northern Virginia.  That and a truck load of money was all it took to take 48 percent of the vote.  Every political party should buy a state.

Few states are for sale as thoroughly as Illinois.  Liberal donors from outside Illinois spent several million dollars to buy state legislators and get gay marriage bills through the state house and senate.  Conservative churches in Illinois promised to recall legislators who voted for “gay marriage”, but I doubt the churches will succeed.  The Illinois politicians calculated that campaign money will beat the ministers’ outrage, and I think the politicians calculated correctly.

Many of the churches represent voters from racial minorities.  The democrat politician doesn’t care about the opinion of minority voters since these voters are already going to vote democrat in any case.   Only swing voters need to be considered in an election.  A Black Baptist or Latino Catholic congregation in Cook County is simply not a credible swing vote.

The special interests knew it is much cheaper to buy politicians than to buy voters in a general election campaign.  The few minority voters who leave the democrat party because of the gay marriage issue will be offset by the many votes purchased with campaign donations from the special interests supporting gay marriage.

Democrat spokesmen and the MSM will ignore the narrow victories and claim “voice of the people” now support the progressive Democrat party.  It isn’t true, but it is good politics.  Trumpeting your success while dismissing the costs is an effective marketing effort focused on raising money for the next election.  I think money talks as loud as ever.  The “voice of the people” sounds more like commercial speech that has been bought and paid for by special interests.

 I want to hear from the billionaires for liberty.



Rob the freeman


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