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Politicians Look Offshore for Votes

October 30, 2013

We’re going to hear more about immigration reform.  These charts explain why we would be idiots to eliminate our borders, and why some politicians are desperate to throw them open.  Government policy kept industry from investing in the United States since 2005/2006.  This is true for both large multinationals and small firms.   The job market stinks because employers are downsizing and don’t need as many employees in the US.  Here are the results.

Fewer women now find work than any time in the last 24 years despite women entering the labor force in more and more occupations.  Fewer of us are working even is we include government jobs.  A record 90 million Americans can’t find work.

laborforce participation rateLaborforce participation rate- percent

 Labor earns less and less.  Despite our growing population, the total amount spent on employee wages and benefits has not risen in years.

wages as a percent of the economywages as a percent of the economy

More of us are on welfare.  More people now receive government means-tested assistance than have full time jobs.  That means higher taxes for the people and companies who are still working.  We spent 3.7 trillion dollars on welfare and 252 billion dollars on federally funded unemployment payments in the last 5 years.  That is over 12 thousand dollars from every man, woman and child in the US.

This explains both the reason we should not open our borders and the reason the Democrat and some Republicans politicians are desperate to throw the borders open for new immigrants.  Despite unwavering support from the media, these politicians fear they will finally be blamed for their failed economic and regulatory policies.  Continued unemployment would drive a wedge between these politicians and the savaged citizen.  These politicians are desperate to find a new voter base who won’t leave them.  Where should they look? face strip

Couldn’t the Democrats try another race based appeal to inner city blacks?  That should be easy.  Our decaying inner cities have Democrat mayors.  All they need to do is tell inner city minorities they are victims of “the system” and they deserve more from government.  That could work, except many minority leaders have figured out that government policies have destroyed jobs and minority families.  It is a tough sell to hold Detroit, Chicago and LA as shining beacons of hope for young black men.

How about appealing to young women as a voting block?  Democrats already said birth control is a right, sex should be free, along with daycare and welfare.  Now there is a voting block who isn’t going anywhere!  That is true, but the Democrat party is already their sugar daddy.  Many young women are not satisfied with the government acting as their overseer.  Even a government funded program to make abortion cool will have limited appeal.  Most young women want life long-married love even if they have never seen it in their neighborhood.  They are the real dreamers who want a different and better life.

How about unregistered Democrats immigrants?  Now there is a new set of potential voters!  Maybe these votes potential citizens can be bought encouraged with offers of welfare, healthcare, and citizenship.  The Democrat party would be the party of the poor for generations to come!  There are bonus benefits for a few special interests.  Some labor unions would get new members as the immigrants are pushed into low-skill unionized jobs.  Large corporations will have a ready supply of cheap labor to help push wages even lower.  That should be a winning situation for politicians looking for large political donations from those special interests.

Unfortunately, the existing government policies in the United States have made all of us poorer rather than setting an example that poor countries around the world follow to become rich.  Few poor people want to stay poor or condemn their children to a life of welfare payments and poverty.  Still, the Democrat plan could work with a few important modifications.

Democrats don’t really need to open the borders.  Cut to its essentials, the politicians don’t need immigrants; they simply need their votes.  If the Democrats can not pass open immigration, then how about passing a bill to allow vote-by-mail from an overseas address.   Rather than voters selecting their politicians, now the politicians can select their voters.  The media can pitch this.  Not having to follow politics and vote responsibly will give US citizens more free time to play video games and watch TV.

Our modern politicians will finally join the global economy.  In a scheme worthy of Chicago politics, the elected representatives can use taxpayer money to find the perfect voter from anywhere around the world.  Talk about outsourcing!  If the taxpayers won’t fund this, there are a few liberal billionaires who will gladly pay the required postage so every vote counts.

I’m sure such a bill will pass in the Senate.  Would such a bill have enough votes to pass in the House?

For a little while, the choice remains ours.  Speak up while your vote matters.


I gave you 900 words.  Now it is your turn.

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