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Education Revolution: Parents and Students Threaten the State

October 26, 2013

dc_schoolhouseA revolution threatens our government.  Before I describe the revolutionaries, I want to ask you a personal question.  What do you do for fun in the evening?

Most of us spend time browsing the internet.  That research isn’t structured.  We dive into a subject, and the first thing we do is get our bearings.  We first discover what we don’t know.

Children learn the same way.  They need to explore and discover before they begin to integrate what they’ve learned.  That isn’t what public school teachers do.  That isn’t what public school administrators do.  That self-directed exploration, quite simply, is not the purpose of state sponsored education.  State education is an industrial process.  State education is, unfortunately, an increasingly politicized process.  That is about to change since the information age allows learning to remain a human process.  The revolution is how we teach ourselves.

True, children need to come to school prepared to learn.  Some public school teachers will even admit that parents play a huge part in education (and here.)  The view that parents matter is actually controversial within the education establishment.  Here, a Teacher’s Union President justifies failing schools in Chicago by blaming rich white people and decreasing school funding.  That seems far from the truth, as another teacher demonstrated.  A Mexican teacher from a school that hugs a waste canal and a garbage dump produced a classroom full of world-class students.

We’ve rediscovered that top/down curricula and memorization doesn’t work for most students.  That is why I started by asking you what you do most nights on the internet.  Yes, you surf past Facebook, but then you explore the world online.  You study topics that interest you.  For all intents and purposes you are enrolled in a self-directed home-school program night after night.  That is the new normal.

Today’s involved individual knows more than his counterpart from 50 years ago, from finance and the economy, to medical treatments and politics.  The average adult of today can touch a world of information that, a few years ago, was available only to scholars.  Private education has taken on an entirely new meaning.

Education is not merely private, as in the classroom is privately funded versus paid for with state tax dollars.  Private education now means individually directed education versus following a top-down standardized curricula.  It is the self-direction that is key, not who owns the keyboard and computer.  We are at the point where each student asks where they should go next.

free inquiryThe education establishment feels left behind.  How can the state spread its political agenda if we educate our children to be independent thinkers and researchers?  At night, you no longer sit in a desk to hear a teacher licensed in your state, not when you can have the best minds in the world at your fingertips.  Nor should your children.  This is the most important breakthrough; imagine what self-directed education does for children’s passion for lifelong learning!  This isn’t a theoretical fantasy about education.  Consider this success story where a home-school family sent their 10 children to college by the time they were 12 years of age.

Of course, the teaching establishment feels threatened.  This is a revolution in the making.  For one thing, how will politicians get their political contributions once state employee unions don’t have schools to administer?  My God, politicians will have to find another activity for graft and kickbacks.

I can see you’re shocked at the thought of starving politicians and educated students.  Me too, but this isn’t a complete surprise.  We home-schooled our daughter for a few years.  It worked well, and our daughter started junior college classes by the time she was 16 and could drive.  (This was back before online college courses.)  She graduated with her high school class, but already had a year of college credit.  She started college with enough credit to graduate in four year despite taking a semester off and taking some graduate courses for fun.

I bring up this personal fact about my family because it is the rule rather than the exception.  About one in 30 students is home-schooled, or just under 2 million children.  You probably know some of them.

The government is responding to this sea-change.  The federal government, particularly the Department of Educations, doesn’t like any of this since home-school threatens the unionized base of the Democrat party.  Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal had to fight the feds to allow vouchers for poor schools.  The Federal Department of Justice deported immigrants for home schooling their children.  Local school officials buried a home-school family with legal harassment.  Once you home school, it appears home-school legal insurance is as necessary as fire insurance and crayons.

More parents will choose to home-school due to the growing availability of online resources and the growing evidence showing the benefits of non-traditional education.  The retaliation by bureaucrats will intensify now that home-school enrollment is growing 7 times faster than state schools.

Self-directed learning works.  It is cheap, and it is fun.  You know that from your own web-surfing experience.  Self-directed education is unstoppable and will continue at all levels, from pre-school to college, and for all subjects, from history to science.   The digital divide will grow between those who educate themselves online and those who use the net for amusement.  Bureaucrats will try to regulate the recognition of these formal and informal learning programs in order to force students back into the traditional bricks and mortar schools with their unionized instructors.

That might have worked in the past.  I think you’re smarter than that now.


Thanks to ClashDaily for publishing an earlier version of this article.

I gave you 900 words.  What do you have to say?

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  1. October 26, 2013 8:01 am

    Public schools don’t “educate” any longer. They indoctrinate…and the left wants to start this process earlier and earlier in a child’s life. Public schools are the LAST place you should be sending your kids.


  2. October 26, 2013 2:37 pm

    I briefly thought about home-schooling my child, but I was too young, and it was too early – and I believe it was still ILLEGAL to do so (early 70s.) Too bad; she’d have been better off, I think.

    I’m so impressed with those who have forged ahead and MADE homeschooling so much more than what the popular imagination thinks it is – kids stuck at the kitchen table with mom, and that’s it. And oh, my goodness – the Hardings are simply amazing.

    As an autodidact, I LOVE the accessibility of information via the Internet. Just love it. My structured photography studies were done through an online school; I learned much more quickly, I think, than I would have at a traditional school setting. Instant feedback from both instructor AND fellow students was invaluable. And no ones politics were an issue. (Unlike, say, at a couple of well-known Manhattan schools.)


    • October 26, 2013 4:16 pm

      Hi, Ginny. The claim of the Indian article and the Mexican teacher’s experiment is that most of us are autodidacts. We need to study each piece of information, and put the pieces together before they can be remembered and used. We give them meaning by their connection to other facts.



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