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Quote of the Day- There is no Right to Enslave Others

October 25, 2013

I’ve heard a lot about the right to food, housing, an Obama phone, healthcare and a job.  With those “rights” in mind, listen to Walter Williams about rights.

“A right, such as a right to free speech, imposes no obligation on another, except that of non-interference. The so-called right to health care, food or housing, whether a person can afford it or not, is something entirely different; it does impose an obligation on another. If one person has a right to something he didn’t produce, simultaneously and of necessity it means that some other person does not have right to something he did produce. That’s because, since there’s no Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy, in order for government to give one American a dollar, it must, through intimidation, threats and coercion, confiscate that dollar from some other American.”  Economist Dr. Walter Williams

Do you understand what Professor Williams said?  People who advocate these new found rights are deliberately enslaving others to provide them.

I am neither a slave nor a slave owner.

Hat tip to Derek Ward.non agression

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  1. October 25, 2013 6:09 am

    I mostly agree, however any governments job is to look after the people despite this form of governance essentially dying out decades ago. It is meant to be for the people by the people in its strictest guise, but this simply isn’t the case.

    The thing is no one is free – if I buy a t-shirt made in Thailand I am in part responsible for the sweat shop slavery. And as they might be considered to have no freedom, I too have no freedom as I am impinged on by my employers and the government…therefore is it possible for anyone to be free from slavery and from enslaving others?


  2. October 25, 2013 10:53 am

    Nonsense, lionaroundwriting! You are free to buy that shirt OR not. It’s YOUR choice…not the manufacturer’s. Secondly, it is NOT the government’s job to “look after the people.” It’s the government’s job to GOVERN…create an environment that will allow them to do for themselves (jobs), pay their own way (jobs) and take care of themselves (jobs). It’s also the government’s job to protect our shores and national interests from those who would do us harm (take our jobs, for instance), and enslave us. That’s about it.


  3. Gail Harold Skinner, Sensei permalink
    October 25, 2013 11:17 am

    I totally agree. If people expect stuff, they need to go out and earn the wherewithal. It is one thing to help someone who experiences a catastrophic incident, but to just expect a handout is wrong.


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