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The Continuation of Politics by Other Means

October 24, 2013

I’m angry.  I’d rather write good news than bad, but this has me grinding my teeth.  My fellow criminals, you and I are unconvicted felons.  We may obey the Ten Commandments and be scrupulously honest, but we are breaking a score of laws each week.  Our law is written is such a vague and contradictory manner that we can not help but break the law.  Here are the latest victims of our justice system.

I wrote about Brian Aitken’s case.  He was convicted of transporting ammunition as he moved from house to house in New Jersey.  Because of a gap in the law, there is no legal way to transport ammunition from one residence to the next.  Brian didn’t know that, and the New Jersey State Police who advised him didn’t know that.

Here is a similar case.  After a years investigation, Mark Witaschek has been arrested and charged in Washington DC for having illegal ammunition.  He had an antique black powder firearm that doesn’t have to be registered.  The way the law is written, you can’t have the lead balls for the antique gun because the lead balls are considered ammunition.  He was arrested for having ammunition for a gun that was not registered, in fact for a gun you can not register.

My fellow criminals, this is sadly reminiscent of the Soviet police state where the law was used as a tool of political intimidation.  I wonder if Mark Witaschek forgot to make a political donation that was “requested”, and the police raid with a SWAT team was the result.  This would be a tragic Kafka play except for the rampant crime in New Jersey and Washington DC.  Both governments are deeply in debt while prosecutors and the police are busy playing politics and destroying honest men’s lives.  Law enforecement should be pursuing public safety rather than promoting the politicians political agenda.

Right now I am so mad at DC Mayor Vincent Gray and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie that I would not pee on them if they were on fire.  I’m also angry with the voters who put these crass politicians and people like them into office.  Shame on you all.  I’m again filled with gratitude to every Constitutional Sheriff and Police Officer who stops these abuses.

The general and military theorist Carl von Clausewitz said “War is merely the continuation of politics by other means.”  We have now entered a period where law enforcement and the “justice system” are merely the continuation of politics by other means.  We are its intended targets.  This is a tragic milestone in American history.

The book Three Felonies A Day is here.  It is on my reading list.



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