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We’re Different Inside and Out

October 10, 2013

Journalist Emily Miller won two awards at the recent Gun Rights Policy Conference.  She won the 2013 Journalist of the Year award from the Second Amendment Foundation.  That award was for her book “Emily Gets Her Gun”.  She also received the 2013 David versus Goliath Award from the organization Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.  The second award honored her newspaper articles exposing the byzantine regulations faced by Washington DC gun owners.  It was a metaphoric battle with a single reporter fighting the entire DC bureaucracy.  In the spirit of the award, she said “Little ol’ me?” when she took the David versus Goliath plaque in hand.  That brought a chuckle from the crowd.

I look up to her accomplishments, particularly her articulate defense of civil rights.  Her perspective on armed self-defense became real to me when I sat near Ms Miller at a cocktail party.  She is a fit young woman.  Pound for pound she is in better shape than I am.  Also, Emily is 62 inches tall.  That is when it dawned on me.


M outsideF outsideHow do we expect women of her stature to defend themselves?  How are independent women supposed to respond when they are assaulted on the streets of DC by men who are much larger than they are?  Are they supposed to hobble away and blow a whistle, or reach for a can of (regulated in DC) mace?  Do we expect them to spend thousands of hours in martial arts training and to take steroids to build their strength?  How could a small woman defend herself against more than one assailant if the state denies she the use of a firearm for self-defense?

Now the situation feels real to me.  Let me try and make the issue real for you too.  Have you ever felt intimidated when you walked into the weight room at a new gym?  I know many women feel that way.  Sometimes I feel that way, and I’m a large man!  We may be equal in our humanity before God, but we are not equal in any other measure.

We are unequal in size and how we are treated.  It is one thing for politicians to say we must be disarmed.  The politicians are telling us that we must take a beating as we are being robbed.  I hear that claim as a large man knowing there is always someone larger  and stronger.  A small woman must hear the politician’s demand of disarmament with alarm.  Being defenseless isn’t fair to women, particularly small women.  It isn’t fair to the old or handicapped either.  We all have friends and family who fit that description.  We will join them with the passing of years.

The politician, on the other hand, has a security detail.. so he will never feel physically threatened.

The politician ignores how the smaller half lives.

I should have seen that before, but you don’t see the unequal treatment when Ms Miller is interviewed on the news.  The evening news levels all of us, and there she stands tall.

E Miller panel cnnThank you, Ms Miller, for all you do.  I wish the rest of us were as clear about the human right of self-defense.



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