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How a Corrupt Poltician Runs United States

October 4, 2013

In Chicago, you see your alderman to get the street repaired in front of your house or business.  He will get the pothole filled.  If you disagree with the alderman, he will have a pothole installed in front of your house or business.  That is how Chicago politics works.  Think of it as working with the mob without the guns.. at least usually without the guns.

This is what the Obama administration did yesterday.  While we saw news article after news article about how bad the “government shutdown” was, the administration was busy paying off its allies.  Your business can stop, but their business must go on, and there are political payoffs to make on schedule.

The Daily Statement from the US Treasury showed a payment of 445 million dollars to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.  I checked the Treasury report.  The payment is there under “Other Withdrawals”.  They paid half a billion dollars to NPR, PBS and Sesame Street while we closed commissaries on military bases and shut down the National Institute of Health.  The Obama administration bought a lot of favorable news coveraget.. cause big bird doesn’t need that much birdseed.  A Chicago politician can’t help it; the bribes must go on.corruption

So what are you going to do?


Rob the taxpayer

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    How a Corrupt Poltician Runs United States
    by Rob Morse


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