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What Emotionally Disturbed Children Taught me About Congress

October 3, 2013

Sometimes one of my kids would have a tantrum and throw one of their toys.  I’d pick it up, and it became mine.  Sometimes they could earn it back, but more often it was given away to someone else who wanted it.  Now I’m watching our federal government throw a tantrum with the government shutdown.  They think they are punishing me, but my reaction is to take away their toys.  I bet there are more voters like me.

I’m shutting down Yosemite because I want my own way.

I spent taxpayer money to barricade the WWII Memorial because you won’t let me spend all the money I want.

I closed the Smithsonian, even though it actually makes money, just to show I’m in control. Neh neh!

Calvin tantrumThis reminds of one of our kids who would rather sit at the table for hours instead of eating his vegetables: he thought he was hurting my wife and me, and that we would give in.

Dream on, kid-o!

87 percent of the people who used to get money from the government continue to be paid.  The Obama administration has to make the 13 percent budget cut pretty painful or we might decide to keep the government smaller.  Watching the administration try to hurt the public makes me want to strip the government of power because the government can not be trusted to responsibly use the power it has.

We can sell federal lands and close federal parks tomorrow.  I’m sorry, but if these public assets are valuable, then they are too precious to leave to the federal government.  A government that throws tantrums can’t be trusted with healthcare, welfare or education.  They can’t be trusted with overseas military bases either.  I’d privatize social security by tomorrow afternoon.  The federal government has broken my trust.  Because I live in California, I don’t trust the state government either.

The Democrats think they are beating up the Republicans.  I think both parties are raising a generation of Libertarians.

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Rob Morse raised an adopted child and foster children along with a birth child.  Some had emotional handicaps.


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