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Government Shutdown Again and Again?

October 1, 2013

The government has failed to pass a budget 17 times in the last 40 years.  The US Senate has not passed a budget in 5 years.  The House of Representatives passed many, including several this year.  The politics of this are obvious.

This current political impasse is a contest for the heart of the low information voter.  The republicans think the low information voter knows he is out of a job and Obamacare is expensive.  Also, conservative republican voters hold their representatives responsible if they fund Obamacare.  Democrats think they can spin a government shutdown with the help of the news media to blame the republicans. The core democrat voter has nowhere to go and will support the democrat party no matter what they do to the economy or the country.  It is the low information independent voter who is in play.

That is how we got here.  It has been an interesting trip.

Most of the government will roll on during the “shutdown”.  The main stream media will claim the government has stopped and the world is ending.  The libertarians might use the media’s false claim and show that the world, in fact, goes on just fine without government help.  That bit of political Aikido will be fascinating to watch.  I hope John Stossel and Ben Swan are ready.



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  1. politicsandguns permalink
    October 1, 2013 5:58 am

    Your last line says it has been an interesting trip. Let’s hope that there isn’t a fall afterwards/


  2. October 1, 2013 6:03 am

    Can’t say I disagree. One thing’s for certain. The “Progressives'” campaign to dumb-down voters has worked beyond their wildest dreams of 80 years ago. It took them a long time, but they’ve finally succeeded in getting more than half the population so ignorant that they don’t know which way is up…let alone recognize when they’re being lied to.


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