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Why is the Kenyan Government Negotiating with Terrorists?

September 22, 2013

Kenya Mall Attack_KandAt least 5 10 to 15 Islamic terrorists from Somalia attacked an upscale mall in Nairobi, Kenya.  At least 39, 59, 68,  62 people are known dead with over 150, 175 injured.  The siege is ongoing with many civilians hiding and unable to flee the shooting.

In America, the lights in the mall would go out and police snipers using night vision devices would kill the terrorists.  Even my civilian friends have adequate gen 3 night vision scopes, though they lack suppressed weapons.  Is that tactical capability beyond Kenyan law enforcement?  That I don’t know.  Perhaps I’m bringing first world assumptions to third world problems.

What does the Kenyan government hope to accomplish by delay?  That which is rewarded will be repeated, so delay invites more terrorism.


In case you’re wondering, the ratio of civilian gun ownership in the US is about 1.1 persons per gun.  In Kenya, and including illegal guns, the ratio is about 50 people per gun.  I guess the “gun-free paradise” is neither gun-free nor safe.

The victims have my sympathy and the terrorists have my enmity.



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