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Prediction about the Navy Yard Murders

September 17, 2013

I’m going to make a prediction.  No one knows the details of the murders at the Washington Navy Yard.  I have, however, seen everything important about the Mainstream Media and politicians from the last time we had public violence.  Let me predict a few things with certainty.  This I know.


The media will get it wrong.  They will have the wrong number of murderers, the wrong weapons and the wrong motivations for the murder’s actions.  They have blamed “right wing extremists” in the past.  They blamed the “military style AR-15 assault rifle”.  They will blame the inanimate tool rather than the living person who brings an evil purpose to his actions.  This I know.

The media will interview “enlightened” gun-control advocates and politicians.  The media will ridicule advocates of armed self-defense as “ignorant” and “extremist”.  You can bet on it.

Politicians will call for more “gun-control”.  They will ignore that the murder happened in the precise location where only the government was allowed weapons of self-defense; the ultimate “gun-free zone”.  They will ignore that the law abiding victims on the military base were disarmed by executive orders.   The politicians will ask that more honest citizens be disarmed.  In short, more of the disease will be prescribed as the cure.  It happens every time.

The politicians will blame weapons that weren’t on the scene.  Facts don’t matter, and another public murder is simply an excuse to promote more state control.   Any excuse will do to get their plan in front of the media again.  They can’t help themselves.

Both the media and the statist politicians will blame organizations who advocate armed self-defense.  The Second Amendment will be called an unaffordable anachronism.  They did it last time.

The NRA will say nothing until the facts are known.  The media lies will go unanswered for days.

The truth will later come out that the murderer had mental problems.  By then, few will be listening.

This I know.

I wish I were wrong.


I gave you 300 words.  Please leave a few.


Thank you Ammoland for the repost.

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  1. September 17, 2013 9:36 am

    It’s time (past Time) to stop playing defense and start taking the offensive against the gun grabbers. We need pro-2a politicians to use these incidents just like the anti’s do. In this case we push to overturn the law that makes military bases gun free zones. If there was a background check performed when he purchased his shotgun then push to eliminate background checks as a waste of taxpayer dollars. Use this as a push to eliminate as many gun controls as possible! take the bloody flag from the gun grabbers and wave it ourselves. Find CHL holders who were killed or unable to stop the attack because of the gun grabbers stupid laws. If the NRA, SAF, GOA, etc. spin doctors aren’t up to it then fire them and hire some new ones! If we are always on the defense we will eventually lose…


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