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Eye Protection, and Dodging a Bullet

September 15, 2013

My wife and I shot a steel match on Saturday.  We had a good time because shooting steel is so much fun.  It also reminded me why we wear high quality shooting glasses.

IMAG0002The match had a rifle stage with targets at 40 to 45 yards.  A fragment from a rifle bullet bounced off the steel target and caught me in the ribs.  I thought I’d been punched.  Odd, but it cut me without breaking the fabric of my shirt.

Here is what I want to share with you;

  • No one was at fault, but ricochets happen, so expect them.
  • Better me than someone else.
  • Better my ribs than my face.
  • Better my face than my eyes.
  • Always wear high quality shooting glasses if you are withing 100 yards of a steel shoot.

shooting glassesWe wear shooting glasses with both side shields and a top shield.  This is a reminder why.  Please do the same.



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