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How Safe are Guns?

September 3, 2013

I spent the Labor Day weekend working around the house.  I also read Emily Miller’s book “Emily Gets Her Gun… but Obama wants to take yours” when I wasn’t out in the sun cutting back the woodlot.  I’ll write about her book later this week.  My mind wandered a bit between yard work and reading her book.

Anti-gun activists claim guns will kill, (video).  They say it must be the guns because people couldn’t possibly be the cause of violence.  The city politicians in Washington, D. C. even think ammunition will kill.  This leaves me really confused because if firearms and ammunition kill people, then mine are really defective.  So, it seems, are everyone else’s guns and ammo.

I looked up the numbers between bouts of cutting and chipping.  Civilian gun owners consume about 9 billion small arms cartridges a year.  On average, we shoot about 25 million cartridges each day.  Check the statistics yourself, but these are US gun owners doing the shooting, not the military or police.  The anti-gun activists tell us that guns are really weapons of war and only designed to kill people.  At 25 million shots per day, there wouldn’t be anyone on the planet left alive if guns were the uncontrollable tools of murder as anti-gun activists claim.

MM percentUnfortunately, we have about 104 thousand gun injuries and deaths each year in the United States.  That number is too high.  The good news is that the injury rate has been falling over the last 20 years.  Shooting is a safe activity with one out of 86 thousand shots injuring another person.  We have to stretch the statistics and included the drug gangs and suicides in with the honest gun owners to make shooting sports look remotely dangerous at one out of 86 thousand.  When we take out the gangs and mentally ill, the accident rate is closer to one in a million.  Those number make sport shooting one of the most popular participant sports in America, and also one of the safest of all sports.  Those facts never makes the news.

I know you’re shocked at these numbers.  You were told that guns kill and shooting is dangerous, but it appears the anti-gun activists got their statistics wrong again.  Yeah, I was heartbroken too, because, darn it, if you can’t trust an anti-gun fanatic to tell you the truth, well then who can you trust?  😉

Me, I trust my calculations and the numbers I independently verify.

Bring out your dead
If you want to look these facts up for yourself, then here is a source of reliable gun facts with references,

I also noticed that search engines won’t list the anti-gun politicians saying “guns kill people”.  I wonder why, but that is a topic for another post.

SS injury rate

A related post about the ammunition supply is here.


Rob the trusting


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