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We are Just Three-Fifths. | Gun Free Zone

August 31, 2013

From Miguel at Gun Free ZoneWe are Just Three-Fifths

Under Texas law, open carrying a rifle is not illegal as long as the gun is not loaded.

But San Antonio police Chief William McManus told KENS-TV that gun owners can still be charged with disorderly conduct if anyone feels threatened at any point during a demonstration. In other words, if anyone around you is uncomfortable with firearms, you could technically be charged with a crime.

“It’s a disorderly offense that officers will address accordingly,” the police chief said.

I don’t see this arrest holding on in court. Probably a misdemeanor but I would refuse to pay a fine and fight like crazy against jail time.

They don’t want us out in the streets mingling with them. they want us invisible, in our ghettos or preferably gone.

They don’t want us using public transportation, not even the back of the bus.

They don’t want us going to the coffee shops or eat at their lunch counters.

They want signs to be put up saying we are not welcome inside, only the selected group approved by them can partake of the location.

And when we have the cojones to exercise our rights, we are accused of being uppity and call for the law to “put us back in our place.”

via Men Behind ‘Open Carry’ Demonstration in Texas Charged with Crimes Even Though What They Did Wasn’t Illegal – Here’s How Police Are Justifying It | Video |

I’m glad the issue was picked up by The Blaze, and glad Miguel commented on it.  Bigotry makes me sick.  How long will Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott put up with this?



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