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California Unemployment and Elections

August 23, 2013

I’m sorry if you can’t find a job in California, but it might have to do with how you voted.  This came to mind a few days ago when a headhunter offered me a job paying half of what I’m earning.  His low offer made me think that many people are now looking for work in California.  I was right, and the July unemployment numbers look grim.  The official unemployment rate is 26.1%, 14.6%, 14.6% and 14.4% in the four California counties with the worst employment rates.  Some local areas must be over a 30% official unemployment rate if the county wide average is 26%.  Yikes!

Those statistics don’t count individuals who have been unemployed so long that they are officially “no longer looking for work.”   They don’t count the increasing number of people who’ve claimed a long term disability rather than seek work.  The real numbers are worse since the long term unemployed are located where jobs are the fewest.  That means areas with persistent high unemployment are under-reported.

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clipped house

Votes for house of representatives

This same week, one of my friends moved his family to take a job with Google Research in the San Francisco bay area.  This brilliant and well paid engineer rented his old home in San Diego.  Now he rents a town house in the bay area because he can’t afford to buy.  How can housing be unaffordable with such high unemployment state wide?

California government passed laws that benefit the few at the expense of the many.  They did so because the large cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles control the state legislatures.  They passed laws to make farming expensive.  They passed laws to make manufacturing expensive.  They passed laws to make electricity expensive.  State government is expensive with the average state worker costing almost twice what is paid to the average private sector worker.

The well-off and well-connected thrive under California’s laws.  So do those who ignore California’s laws and regulations.  We are now a state of law followers and law breakers.

the-fastest-route-to-successIn contrast to California, the unemployment rate in North Dakota is 3 percent.  I’m sorry if you can’t find a job in California, but it might have to do with how you voted.


Rob the part timer.

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    California Unemployment and Elections


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