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Schooled.. from Gun Rights Magazine

August 15, 2013

backtoschoolMy friend Dave Cole wrote about children going back to school.  We prepare the children and the school for the fall re-opening, but we keep our eyes closed to school violence.

From Dave’s article,

“Faculty and students will rehearse fire emergency procedures soon after school begins.  They even have fire extinguishers placed throughout the school.  <snip>  That’s right.  They have tools available to combat the immediate threat of fire without waiting for the fire department.  They plan to fight fires even though the last school fire that killed students was 55 years ago.   We improved how we protect our children from fire over the last 55 years.. and it is time to improve how we protect our children from mass murderers while our children are in school.

“While numbers tell us that the odds of a child being killed by a spree killer in a school are extremely low, school violence is a much greater risk than a school fire.  Yet  we continue to restrict how schools are permitted to prepare for that risk.

band guardI bring Dave to your attention because he has given this subject some thought.  He was in the military.  He was a police officer.  Now he works private security for a financial institution.  We protect our money with guns yet we leave our children defenseless.

Give Dave a read here.  I’m lucky to have smart and talented friends.



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