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Government is Too Stupid to Rule

August 7, 2013

Our government is too stupid, dishonest and abusive to rule over us.  I’m sorry if you were taught something else in school and you’re now shocked at the surprising news, but you’ve grown up and  now you’re ready to see the real face of government.  It isn’t pretty.  President Obama says we’d be better off with an even larger government and more of the same.  Oh hell no!  He is wrong.

Police kill an injured driver.  Florida police threw a man in jail because he did not obey their instructions after having a one-car traffic accident.  He couldn’t follow their instructions because he had a stroke while driving.  The man lay motionless in the jail cell for days before he was taken to a hospital.  We all make mistakes and most of us could misinterpret a stroke or seizure as intoxication.  The difference is we would ask for help from a medical expert to confirm the man’s condition.  The police didn’t.  The driver died.

I’m sorry, but the police are not there to help us.  Some will help us, but some will excuse any behavior by a fellow officer as they help themselves first.  Government is self-serving, as if you didn’t know that before.

Wisconsin sends a SWAT team to kill a fawn being treated in an animal rescue shelter.  Yes, nine heavily armed Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources agents and an additional four sheriff’s deputies raided the Society of St. Francis animal rescue facilities on the Wisconsin-Illinois border.  They needed all this firepower after receiving reports that the no-kill rescue shelter was harboring a wild fawn who had been injured.  Oh god, not a killer fawn!  Yes, the DNR had to kill the animal in order to save it.. with an entire SWAT TEAM!  They sent a swat team to an animal shelter?  What the hell for?!Fatal Fawn

Every no-kill shelter I’ve seen is full of people who couldn’t hurt a sick cat.  And don’t give me that crap that “Cops do a dangerous job and just want to go home at the end of the day.”  The great crime in this case, the violent act that justified assault weapons and body armor, was that the shelter had a wild animal in captivity without applying for a state permit and submitting a registration fee.  Translated simply, the shelter was guilty of breaking union rules that require government permission slips to save injured or abandoned wildlife.  Oh, the horror!

Until Wisconsin rewrites every law and regulation so the laws are idiot proof, and let’s be clear that these guys were grade-A idiots, then we need to get rid of the idiots in law enforcement.  Start with the DNR supervisor who approved this raid.  He is a menace to the public.. not the wild animals at the animal shelter.

After examples like this, I’ve changed my mind about why law enforcement needs overwhelming force.  It seems most of these L.E.O.s are trained to use force before there is any indication that force is necessary.  That has consequences.  When these Barney Fife’s are so profoundly lacking in judgment, and therefore commit enough stupid acts in public, they soon have uncooperative citizens objecting to idiots in uniform.  Automatic weapons stop citizens from objecting as they cower in fear for their lives.

That was the clear intent in this case.  That was why weapons and a militarized police force were necessary.  No wonder politicians fear the second amendment when we see statist employees acting like this.  Government attracts those who like to govern, not those who like to serve.

Dishonest government exempts itself from Obamacare.  The Internal Revenue Service is the lead federal agency to enforce Obamacare on the rest of us.  Yet, IRS employees object to being enrolled in Obamacare rather than their existing federal health insurance.  The same government employees who wrote the massive Obamacare law and the larger mass of regulations don’t want any part of it.  They are not alone.  So does congressional staff.. and most of the US population.  President Obama wrote an executive finding to exempt these government employees from paying for Obamacare.   Congressional staff also get a 75 percent subsidy on the monthly cost of their healthcare. , Why should legislators and other government employees be exempt from Obamacare if this health care plan is so great?

Laws apply to us, but not to them, even though their exemption is not written in law.   Government regulators are dishonest.  They serve themselves rather than serve the public.

US State Department ignores man run over by state department employee driving state department vehicle.  Many people are figuratively run over by government regulators, but this guy was literally run down by a state department car driven by a state department employee making an illegal left turn.  The government can act with impunity and ignore the harm they cause because they have more lawyers and money than you do.  The government is indifferent to its mistakes and the suffering it causes.   We will see if this citizen gets his day in court.  So far the government has ignored him.

Cop shoots unarmed homeless man.  I looked at the video and I didn’t see a threat to the officer.  I did heard a threat to her dignity, but not to her health.  I guess the laws about murder don’t apply to Santa Ana police the way laws apply to the rest of us.  The rest of us have a duty to retreat.  The officer made a mistake, a mistake for which you and I would go to jail or worse. 

Perform your own web search on the terms “police – raid – wrong” if you think this is an unusual event.  I was surprised by the 21 million results.

I understand that people make mistakes.  That is expected.  The government errors I’m highlighting here are errors of a different kind.  These are abuses of authority, and that is something different than a small matter of degree.  This is the face of an indifferent, unaccountable and abusive government.

Our government abuses its own employees when they pose a threat to their political masters.  The US mission in Benghazi was probably running arms to Syria when it was attacked by Al Qaeda forces.  Now the survivors are moved around the country and given frequent polygraph tests to make sure they won’t talk to the press.  These agents are a treat to some prominent politicians, and the government agencies can’t allow their political masters to be embarrassed.  Truth and honesty are the first victim of political ambition.  There is plenty of blame to go around.

saint-louis-ix-01The fault is ours because we believed our politicians.  A politician, no matter what he or she says, can’t wave a magic wand and make government into something beautiful.  Sure, they will try, but a politician’s sweet lies don’t make it so.

We are told that government will take care of the poor.  Of course it will, but government has to pay its special interests first.  Private charities put the poor first while government welfare puts them at the end of the line.  The same is true for environmental protection and law enforcement.  Those functions of government are mere byproducts of the political process.  Every aspect of government, from schools to medical care to the environment, is now political.  That which gets votes gets repeated.

I wish it wasn’t so.  I wish government had the just and compassionate character we want it to have.  There is no magic formula to transform government.  That fantasy isn’t real and that isn’t how government works.  We get government with the political character it has.

Big government thrives on big payoffs, though we can argue about whose special interests get paid first.  We can even put the question to a vote and call it “the will of the people.”

Think about it this way.  If citizens were angels then we wouldn’t need government.  That would be heavenly.  In fact, we don’t live in heaven.  Citizens aren’t angels and neither are government officials.  Politicians and government employees are subject to every temptation that the government is charged to control in us.  Some of the three million government employees succumb to temptation and behave badly.  The point is that government organizations now condone such behavior.  These government agencies serve their political masters first, not the needy, not the citizen, and definitely not the taxpayer.

The examples I gave are NOT unusual.  President Obama is wrong about larger government being better for us.  It is a disease rather than a cure.  I want less government, not more.  A lot less.

Today I am a libertarian.



Say what you will.

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