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Politics and Guns Podcast, Episode 145

July 22, 2013
Politics and Guns
Link to Politics and Guns Podcast

I had fun on the Politics and Guns Podcast again.   Paul Lathrop, Laura Carno and I talked about politics, gun laws and activism.  Laura is active in the legislative recall of two state senators in Colorado.

Topic included;

  • The Zimmerman trial and urban violence
  • Stand your ground laws and preponderance of force encounters
  • Colorado recalls and the bizarre Colorado election laws that limit challengers
  • Voter fraud, voter identification, and racist fishing licenses
  • Lobbying fatigue
  • Political activism
  • Media activism

I had fun.  Frank Fiamingo from the  New Jersey Second Amendment Society was supposed to join us.  I hope we can have a round table with Frank next time.

“Politics and Guns” belongs to Paul Lathrop.  He is a long haul trucker, and I had a chance to see him last week when he had an overnight layover near my city.


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  1. Virginia Ross permalink
    July 23, 2013 9:54 am

    Fun listening to you, Rob. It’s as if I just heard you speak yesterday, truly!


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