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Online Firearm Education for Beginners

July 13, 2013

Online trainingHere are the online training resources I found covering firearms safety for beginners.  I’ve listed the material in the order a new shooter might watch it.  I include links for parents who have young children and want to know how to treat a gun in their home.  The material for children is also a good starting place if you have roommates who lack firearms training.

New gun owners should take this information at their own pace as their experience grows.  Reviewing the material ahead of a training session will help you make sense of what your instructor is saying.  Reviewing it after a lesson will help reinforce the lesson you received.

I’ll update this list as I receive feedback.  (That is a subtle hint that I’d like your review if you try one of the links.)


Kathy Jackson is a great trainer and writer.  I’d start by reading everything she has posted under the headings of  firearms safety, kids and guns, and if you’re adventurous, the shooting basics.  Her site is the Cornered

Women new to firearms may find the site “The Well Armed Woman” to be quite interesting.  Everyone can benefit from reading their safety page.

You need to know how you will keep guns away from young children if you have children in the home.  These sites have safety videos for youngsters 5 to 12 years of age.

The Eddie Eagle Program helps gun-proof your youngsters.

The National Shooting Sports Federation has safety videos for kids include McGruff the Crime Dog on Gun Safety (grades K-6), and It’s Your Call: Playing It Safe Around Guns (grades 6-9).  Here are safety videos for adults with ”Firearms Safety Depends On You” (general audience) and “Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette” (general audience) and this pamphlet Firearms Responsibility in the Home.  All are also from the National Shooting Sports Federation.  Children and Guns in the Home is by Ed Head.  He makes the distinction between a Secured, Unsecured and Controlled firearms.

Here are more free videos including the four rules of gun safety from Gunsite.  These are the rules that apply any time a gun is in your hand.

NRA safety information includes the four rules, the ten rules, and a parent’s guide to gun safety.  The ten rules include some background information like loading the correct ammunition for your gun.

Here is another list of the 10 rules of gun safety from the National Shooting Sports Federation again.  Each rule includes an expanded explanation that describes the extent and context of the rule.

Here is a bit of philosophy about gun safety and responsibility from a Rabbi with “The Five Kosher Rules of Gun Laws”

Here is a collection of 7 firearms safety videos from Midway USA.  Midway also has a number of videos, with several posted on Youtube.

Gun Talk TV has more advanced training videos under Gun Safety, and many of them are free.

Some women wonder if there is room for them in the firearms community.  Natalie Foster puts that concern to rest at a Girl’s Guide to Guns. Women are welcome and needed.

Rob Pincus is a nationally known trainer.  His video on the three rules of gun safety is worth watching.

Pincus also has material at the Personal Defense  Some of the articles and videos are free.

Panteao Productions has more advanced training, but they are behind a pay wall.

Here is the California state online firearms safety course required before to buy a firearm.  Some political correctness has crept into their presentation, but you have to pass the test if you live in that state.

This article describes what to look for when you buy your fist firearm.  Choosing the correct gun is as personal as selecting clothes or shoes, so no one else can do it for you.  How are you going to use it. and how does it fit you?  Good article!Cat photo1

We need to get you away from the computer screen and out to the firing range, but here is another interesting article that puts firearms instruction and live training in perspective.  “Five Dirty Little Secrets about (Firearms) Instruction”.

Please comment if you watch the online material because other people can benefit from your opinion.


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