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Learned Courage or Learned Helplessness

July 11, 2013

Permission Rand


We face challenges every day.  We learn how to face them.. or not face them.  To oversimplify our choices, we can engage the challenge, we can cower, or we can run.  Unfortunately, we are teaching our children to cower.  Our children see school teachers, law enforcement officers, and prosecutors abuse their power every day.  We are teaching our children to retreat from irrational and implacable authority rather than holding authoritarians accountable.  Adults face similar challenges.  Some government officials teach our children to be helpless, and other officials are deliberately intimidating adults.  I resent both.  This abuse of authority further alienates citizens from their government.  I’ll start with children and work my way up.

scared-dogWe now harass children for being young boys and girls.  We intimidate them if they dare question the behavior those entrusted with power.  I sided with the children once I saw how authority was abused by adults.  I think this abusive authoritarian behavior was deliberate.  It was designed to intimidate children into blind obedience and unthinking political correctness.

These abuses in public schools make home schooling look heavenly by comparison.  Unfortunately, the authoritarian demands were not confined to school aged children.

Our government harasses adults for having any initiative or political convictions that oppose the political party in power.  Bureaucrats harass citizens who dare question the behavior of their government.  Again, this makes me side with the libertarians when I see authority abused.  These government agents are trying to intimidate citizens into unthinking compliance.  They are trying to inculcate blind obedience into children and adults.

It isn’t the citizen who is breaking the moral contract with government.  It is our abusive government who is breaking faith with its citizens.  Now, more than ever, the government is not here to help us.

The growing support for the Tea Party is in response to government abuses like these, and it is about time.  I hope it is not too late.



Rob the amateur activist

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