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What to do About Government Corruption

June 28, 2013

Everyone should care about government corruption.

-Corrupt government kills businesses.  You care about good governance if you are an employee and want a job.  You care if you work for yourself or run your own company.  You care if you’re unemployed and looking for work.

-Corruption robs from needy government programs and gives money to politicians friends.  That is why you should care even if you’re on welfare.

-Corrupt government harms our children’s education.  You care if you’re a student, a parent or a relative.  You care even if you home school your children.

-Corrupt government destroys our savings.  You care if you are saving for retirement or are currently a retiree.

-Corrupt government drives up the cost of medicine and medical innovation.  You care if you pay for healthcare or have a chronic illness.

-You care if you’re an environmentalist because corruption grants one set of laws to a politician’s polluting friends and applies another set of laws for the rest of us.

I know a few people who are indifferent to corruption, but not many.  Not many at all.  So, why aren’t you attending and donating to your local tea party if you care?  It is our job to stop corruption in government.  We have to read more than our local paper.  Read wide and deep.  We have to write our representatives.  We have to talk to our legislators, and visit them if we can.  We have to be part of our local political parties.  Note that I didn’t say which party.  Every party needs help from what I can see.  It isn’t a hard job, but it is ours, and no one can do it for us.  Get going.tea-party-hobbits-march

George Washington described government as “..a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”  No one has tamed that beast in the last 200 years.  It is our turn.


Rob the part time activist

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