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Tyranny or Terror?

June 23, 2013

Recent government scandals offer us a choice.  We are asked to choose between liberty or security.  On one side, we can embrace an all-knowing government that spies on us and manipulates its political opponents.  On the other side we are promised privacy and more terror bombings.  This is a false choice.  Our government’s promise to keep us secure by spying on us only lasts as long as we give government all the power and resources it wants.  This is not a choice, but a contract for surrender.  We are offered the choice between domestic tyranny or foreign terror.  I think that is obvious.

We saw the IRS abuse a long list of conservative groups.  At the same time, we are asked to trust other government agencies.  We are asked to trust the National Security Agency with all our communications and Obama Care with all our medical and mental health records.

We see the Environmental Protection Agency wave fees for environmental groups it favors, while it inflates charges and denies data to conservative groups.  It gives away confidential information to favored environmentalists while it hides agency actions from Freedom of Information Act requests.

We see law enforcement agencies being used to harass political opponents.  This poisons the trust between law enforcement and the citizens.  I’m sorry, but the management at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms; the Federal Bureau of Investigation; and the Department of Justice are not here to help you.  They are political appointees and serve at the pleasure of their boss.  Both the government and the citizen suffers as this relationship between the citizen and the government deteriorates.  Though you won’t see it portrayed in the movies, the government depends on the citizen.  The average citizen acts as the eyes and ears of law enforcement.  The deterioration of trust leaves law enforcement deaf and blind.. well, except for the NSA.

We are promised security by a government that does not keep its word.


Robert the sad

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  1. Douglas Dotson permalink
    June 24, 2013 6:33 am

    How is it that we are not up in arms? Any other country would be on fire by now. Look at Turkey, they are rioting over 1/10th of the crap we are putting up with.


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