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The Department of Homeland Insecurity Won’t Investigate Mosques

June 13, 2013


The Obama administration has no problem recording my phone calls, but it takes the approval of an anonymous review committee to get permissions to investigate a mosque.  Read about it here=>  IBDIBD news- all intrusive obama terror dragnet excludes mosques

The review committee was formed after Islamist and the ACLU filed suit against the FBI.  The members of the committee are unknown.  The standards for approval and reporting are unknown.  The number of investigations submitted, approved, ongoing or rejected is unknown.

If we’re using the NSA paradigm, then every mosque should want to be fully recorded to prove their later innocence.  Using the Bloomberg criteria, every mosque should be infiltrated.. since it might save one life.  (sarc)  Before you tell me it is defense of religious liberty and not politics, then explain why US service men and women are denied the same freedom of religious expression.  Not fucking likely with this administration in power.

You and I, however, are easy targets of intimidation.  I see another triumph of politics over liberty.

The name for that is tyranny.


Ranting Rob

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