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Scandals Then and Scandals Now

June 11, 2013


President Richard Nixon resigned after five people were arrested for bugging the Democrat party offices of the Watergate office complex.  That happened in 1972.  Today, the federal government eavesdrops on every electronic transaction of every American on every day.  The Obama administration justifies their domestic spying with national security concerns.  So did Nixon.

I don’t believe it.  Spying on us is immoral.    The people who spy on us are dishonest and can not be trusted.  There is plenty of blame in both political parties and many politicians and government employees should be removed from office and face criminal charges.  It is an indictment of American culture that President Obama remains in office.   They swore to uphold the US Constitution.  They remain in office because partisanship now trumps ethics.

Not here. 

Yours in liberty,

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