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The Loud Silence of the Liberals

June 7, 2013

I’m waiting for my liberal friends to speak up, but I don’ t hear them rein in liberal politicians.

My fellow legislators, this is the time to propose universal background checks for all firearms.  Colleagues, fellow Democrats, the people are finally with us on this!

Our people don’t mind that our IRS audited our political opponents and their donors.. and their suppliers.

Our contributors laughed as the IRS then gave confidential information to our political allies in the media.

Our fellow democrats encouraged the EPA to charge high fees to conservative organizations, and wave EPA fees for liberal organizations.

Our supporters don’t mind the NSA  and FBI monitoring phone records and credit card transaction.. even of congressmen.

Loyal Democrats don’t mind labeling all journalists as “co-conspirators” as we seize their phone records for prosecution of “national secrets”.  Now we, WE (!),  finally control the media!

Our supporters don’t mind the Department of Justice persecuting conservative groups with repetative intrusive interviews.

Our voters are eager for 30 million new immigrants to go on welfare and thus secure the political dominance of the welfare state for generations.

Democrat voters, our voters, our people.. don’t mind these things.  They have remained silent or endorsed them.  After all, they have other serious issues on their mind.  They are busy watching “Breaking Bad” and “Mistress” on TV.  I say now is the time to act before reruns begin on summer television!

Now is the time to require a national registry for every weapon of self-defense.  Our supporters in the government.. and in the media.. will either support us.. or remain silent.

After all, what could possibly go wrong?


My liberal friends, have you nothing to say?  I thought each violation of our constitutional rights was important.  So much for liberal idealism.  I guess modern political liberalism was really a power grab all along.


Rob the disappointed

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