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Repost from Extrano’s Alley- Do Guns Prevent Crimes

June 5, 2013
Extrano's Alley

Link to Extrano’s Alley

The author at Extrano’s Alley goes by the name of Stranger.  I follow his blog and liked his post enough to repost it in full.  Here he is-


Someone came by searching for “do guns prevent 800,000-2,000,000 crimes per year.”

At least, but this is another of those questions whose answer depends on how you look at it. From prison surveys and police reports, there are at least one million confrontations between people with crime on their minds and law abiding citizens each year. At the very least, 80,000 of those result in shots fired, perhaps 25,000 criminals at least slightly wounded, 10,000 or so requiring hospitalization, and 1500 to 1900 criminals were killed while plying their trade.

However, that does not take into account the very many cases where “that house looks like they might have a gun.” With the result that up to eleven million times a year the bad guy essentially says “Self, I think I will go on and see if I can find someone who would be safer to victimize.”

The latest prison polls indicate career criminals will commit “one serious crime every 48 hours” every day they are on the street, and one crime in two is aborted because the prospective victim might be armed. The greater the risk, the less likely a criminal is to hazard their life to commit a crime; and the less likely young people are to choose a criminal lifestyle.

So while the exact number of crimes guns and the possible presence of guns is in some doubt, the fact that even the lowest estimate is five times two million of the search is a powerful indicator of just how much safer we are because most Americans are armed.


The original post is here and Extrano’s Alley is here.

Like me, Stranger is a gun and numbers guy.



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