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Conservative Groups Sue IRS Employees!

May 27, 2013

Conservative groups are suing the IRS and IRS employees.  These law suits are brought by a northern California Tea Party group and the Texas based True the Vote.  They are suing to get to the truth.  The purpose of the civil suit is to get names of bosses who told employees to attack selected political opponents.  Just as we’ve only seen some of the political truth behind the IRS scandal, these are only two of the hundreds of groups who could eventually join this lawsuit.

There is an important distinction between a criminal and civil lawsuit.  A criminal suit means you can plead under the Fifth Amendment and refuse to testify as the IRS Division Director already did.  That constitutional protection was put in our Bill of Rights when defendants were routinely tortured by the government.  We’re more refined these days.  Now the government uses bureaucrats.

What does the IRS have to loose?  As a government employee, you could escape guilt by claiming you were only following orders.  You could say you forgot, or you could shut up and plead the fifth.  We’ll see during discovery and FOIA inquiries how many fake e-mail accounts and Twitter accounts the IRS used to hide evidence.  The employees’ job and pension, and the deep pockets of the Federal Government are on the line in this criminal suit.  On their side, the defendants have tons of government money to buy high priced government lawyers.  The know-nothing and say-nothing defense might work.

IRS scandal

Lerner, Miller, Wolin

As a citizen who abused the power of their government office, top government employees like IRS Division Director Lois Lerner, outgoing IRS Commissioner Steven Miller and Secretary of the Treasury Neal Wolin and are also liable for civil damages.  Now they are at risk.  Now it is their house, their government pension, their private pension, their wife’s or husband’s income and spouse’s pension are at risk in states that have joint ownership. 

Miles-Lerner House

Lois Lerner’s House

Go ahead.  Claim the fifth, because the government will deny it ever knew you.  Now we might get some answers.

  • Who told you to delay processing Tea Party applications?
  • Who told you to delay the processing of election integrity groups?
  • to delay processing the applications of pro-life, pro-free-market, pro-constitution and limited government groups?
  • to get request information on the group’s leaders, members, suppliers and contributors?
  • to then conduct a personal and business tax audit of these people?
  • to recommend the members of these groups for additional scrutiny by the FBI and BATFE?
  • to release the private information you collected from these groups and give it to liberal political organizations?
  • to target these hundreds and hundreds of groups right before an election?
  •  Who?

Sure, you can lie and say it was all your idea, and you’ll loose everything you own.  Maybe George Soros will make it up to you.  Maybe he won’t.  So tell me who really gave the orders.

I like these lawsuits.  I like them a lot.  We knew the IRS sucked at serving the taxpayers.  Now we will see how it served its political masters.

I wrote about the government abuse of True-the-Vote here in an earlier post.

Michelle Malkin posts that the union head from the IRS met with Obama the day before the abuse started.


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Rob, the Tea Party member

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