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Yes, I’m a Skeptic About the Economy

May 25, 2013

President Obama’s agenda was never about jobs.  He only needs to deliver sound bites for an unquestioning press.  The President doesn’t need to grow the economy.  He needs to produce non-sensational economic numbers in a quarterly economic report.  With those numbers and support from the media, the president can spin anything better than shocking economic collapse into political success.  If in doubt, they can blame Evil Bush.

The political agenda was never about reducing regulations so firms could grow and hire more workers.  It was never about decreasing taxes and government spending so the private sector would grow.  New private sector jobs actually work against the President’s agenda.

The President needs to fund his green agenda base and his unionized public sector base.  He needs to deliver “stimulus money” to his base receiving special government grants.  In return, these self serving political interests will fund his campaigns.  An unemployment check works wonders to get a voter to the polls.

The President’s jobs panel didn’t meet for the last year.  The panel was disbanded after the President’s reelection.  Now we’re told that an economic decline is really growth.

I didn’t believe it then, and I don’t believe it now. I’ve seen economic growth, and

this Leading Economic Indicators Index

isn’t  Walmart sales decline

Labor Force Participation

Like to BLS Statistics for Labor Force Participation Rate





Perform your own test.  Search the online job listings for new jobs if you doubt me, and please let me know what you find.


Rob the searcher

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