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Domestic Imperialism in the USA

May 24, 2013


Our government is out of control.  Bureaucrats and politicians now make their own rules.  They impose costs on others or break the law with impunity since they will never bear the costs.  They follow their own inclinations rather than the law.  The problem is deep and wide.

Starting at the federal level, we’ve all read about the IRS abusing the tea party, pro-life, smaller government and free market groups.  The IRS delayed applications from these groups AND  released inside information to political opponents.  The abuse goes deeper.

The Internal Revenue Service also decided to heavily audit adoptive families.  69 percent of those showing an adoption expense were audited.  Their refunds were delayed even though only 1.5 percent of the adoption expenses were eventually rejected.  What the fuck for?!  It turns out that adoptive families are poorer than average.  (More poor family break up.  More poor relatives adopt cousins after the breakup of a family.)  This is abuse, pure and simple.

At the state level, the California Senate exempts itself from California’s crazy gun laws.

corruptionWhat is going on!  These are not the people I want running my healthcare.  They can’t keep medical records or firearms records secure.  They couldn’t run a hot dog stand.


Rob, the adoptive dad and California resident.


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