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Revenge is Bitter

May 15, 2013

Revenge is bitter.  It is also the Chicago Way of politics, so I’m not surprised by scandal.

Revenge is Bitter

The IRS priority list;

  • Tea party- check.
  • Libertarian- check
  • Conservative- check
  • Pro-Israel- check

President Obama is effectively immune from prosecution since he owns the Senate and the press.  That means public outrage is the only thing limiting bad political behavior.  A related news article about leaked IRS documents is here.  A related SlowFacts post is here.


Rob the refugee from Chicago

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  1. Dave permalink
    May 15, 2013 7:26 am

    He owns the Senate and the press, and the House is neutered…

    I’ve been saying that the President could hold a press conference and stand up straight and say, “I made the call to stand down on Benghazi. I told the IRS to give those conservative groups hell. I told the Justice Department to tap the phones at Associated Press…oh, and Fast and Furious? That was my idea, too. Now…I have a tee time. See ya later.”

    And no one would do a damn thing. The press would make excuses for him. The Republicans would hold press conferences of their own and bluster about how the President’s conduct is “outrageous” and “intolerable,” and do precisely nothing about it. All these buffoons blabbering about impeachment over these scandals are idiots. He may not (quite) have the power of a true dictator, but he has the immunity.



  1. An Experiment in Crime Control and Social Engineering.. One Free Shotgun at a Time | SlowFacts
  2. An Experiment in Crime Control & Social Engineering - One Free Shotgun at a Time

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