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Miller Announces Book on D.C. Guns and Governance

May 14, 2013
Miller announces book

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Thank you, Emily Miller and David Workman.  I saw them both at the NRA convention, but didn’t speak to either.  Both write about gun rights and gun legislation, and I’ve read them for years.

Miller is now writing a book documenting her journey through DC’s gun laws as she bought firearms and confronted DC politicians.  She faced the dual challenges of learning to protect herself with a gun and protecting herself from arcane and outrageous DC laws.  I look forward to a political writer’s perspective in her book.  Describing Washington D.C., Emily Miller said the District’s complex and expensive gun regulations are beyond the means of most residents.

I think  DC laws are complex and confusing by design rather than by accident.  Buying a gun is difficult, while defending yourself from DC government is impossible for most citizens.  DC laws are so convoluted and so unclear that you’d need a financial fortune to defend yourself from false charges.  That uncertainty brings more than DC’s gun laws into question; it challenges the entire web of regulation in D.C.  It questions the District’s legitimacy to govern.  An innocent gun owner is supposed to accept a guilty plea because the district won’t write simple and reasonable laws.

According to Workman, Miller’s book is due out in late August to early September.   I hope she will autograph a copy at the next gun convention.  Until then, thank you, and go get ‘m, Emily Miller!

Dave Workman is the senior editor of the Gun Mag, the author of many books, and posts at the Seattle Gun Rights Examiner.  I read him regularly.

Dave Workman



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