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News Media Learns How it Feels When the Feds Spy on You

May 13, 2013

The Obama administration lies about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi.. and the news media yawns.

Abortionists commit murder while the media sighs and looks the other way.

The IRS again (!) uses punitive audits, and leaks donor lists of political opponents during an election year. The media snores at political corruption.

The EPA violates its own regulations in order to favor political groups who support the Obama administration.  I didn’t read about that in the main stream press.

Now, a few days after World Press Freedom Day, the Feds announce they’ve seized months of phone records from more than 20 phone lines used by the Associated Press. and hereBesides providing me with a full day’s dose of sarcasm, I wonder if the press will finally wake up to the erosion of liberty.eric_holder

I bet the press will forget this in a month.  Me, I’ve had enough corruption to last a lifetime.



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