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A Modest Proposal to Reform Public Schools in a Month

May 9, 2013

I know how to get millions of students home-schooled in a few months.  Education takes place behind closed doors.  Simply open the school doors and put a camera in each public school classroom.  Let parents see and hear what teachers are doing.  This is far superior to evaluating teacher performance based on annual test scores.  Teachers and administrators have gamed the teacher evaluation process, when it is finally put in place.  The simpler solution is to let parents watch the classroom.  They will decide with their own eyes if the like what they see.  Seeing is believing.

We have millions of adults who are out of work and will probably choose to educate their children at home rather than submit them to state education.


A tip-of-the-hat to billionaire Bill Gates and news commentator Cam Edwards.  Gates put up $5 billion to fund an effort to put cameras in schools.  Edwards home schools his children, and spoke about Gates’ plan on his news show.   It seems naive to think that public schools would ever allow cameras in their classroom, but good try, Bill.


Rob the skeptic

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  1. KA9VSZ permalink
    May 16, 2013 1:45 pm

    As an added bonus, having camers in school will help the little junior citizens accept as normal the idea that they will be under constant video monitoring by authorities as they go about their daily adult lives. Meanwhile, the home-schooled kids are viewed with suspicion as they obviously have something to hide. How will the state ensure quality of education for home-schoolers? Why, by offering a subsidy to those parents willing to install state-sponsored cameras, of course! Gah. I’m gonna go read a comic book- reality is no fun.


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